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We are born and still live in the Austrian Alps and cannot count how many sunsets we have watched from the summit of a mountain. We made most of our favorite memories while exploring, hiking, skiing, and having a great time in the outdoors. In the last years, we built a life that focuses on experiences in beautiful places.

We love to go on road trips all over Europe and are always looking for the next adventure and new places to explore, always keeping an eye out for new elopement locations. We believe that our dreams are here to chase them and do everything to make them a reality.

Photography allows us to share our enthusiasm for nature and beautiful landscapes with you and to encourage more couples to create a wedding day they are really stoked about.

We all have heard the sentence that your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. We always thought that this is just another quote that makes the expectations for weddings even more stressful and unreachable. But after we photographed our first adventure elopement, we think that your wedding day can really be one of the best days and an incredible experience to remember for the rest of your life. Our own elopement confirmed us in this belief.

You will get more than stunning photos if you book us as your wedding or elopement photographers. We will do everything to help you create a meaningful experience and your personal dream wedding day.

We cannot wait to get to know you and plan something amazing together!

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​There were two things that I have loved since I was a little girl—being creative and traveling. I started to save money for a flight to New Zealand when I was in kindergarten, graduated from art school, and every time I had an idea I loved, I did everything to make this dream come true

After traveling to 32 countries, I found that no place makes me happier than the mountains!
In the last years, I documented over 200 wedding days with my camera. After I photographed my first adventure elopement in the mountains, I knew that this was what I wanted to do every day. Helping couples to create an adventurous elopement day that they really love and capture it on stunning photos, is my passion and the best job ever.

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I was born and raised in an idyllic village in the Austrian mountains. I always enjoyed being outdoors and trying out new sports. One of my favorite things is to spot wildlife in nature. Weddings and elopements have a similarity to watching wild animals. I generally prefer to stay in the background and am always ready with my camera to capture the moments, completely candid, exactly as they happen.

Another thing I love is going on road trips, the freedom to explore the most beautiful places, if it is just over the weekend or a few weeks or months through Europe, and still sleep in my own bed, is one of my favorite things.

If you want to read more about us and our adventures, go to our Blog, where we share regular stories of our life as travelers and wedding photographers in Europe.

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