Freie Trauung am Bodensee in einem Weinberg

Emotional Vineyard Wedding at the Lake of Constance

Vineyard Wedding photographer Lake of Constance, Nonnenhorn, Germany, Europe

When Eva and Simon got to know each other, the Styrian was about to plan her trip around the world. For a long time, she looked forward to a few months full of adventures, exploring the world, and being completely free. 

You could think that is a really damn stupid time to fall head over heels in love with a guy from Slovenia. But Simon did not let that stop him, so he decided to grab his backpack and fly with her to South America. What the two have experienced on their world trip you can read on Eva’s World Travel Blog

Soon after they came back to Vorarlberg, Austria, Eva told me with a big smile on her face and a shiny ring on her finger of Simon’s romantic wedding proposal. 

Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of an intimate vineyard wedding in her hometown in Styria. Finally, they found the perfect location for their wedding, not far from their new home, right by the Lake of Constance. The vineyard Rebhof in Nonnenhorn in Germany offered many grapevines and a great view over the Lake. This was the perfect place for Eva & Simon to tie the knot. 

Their closest friends and families traveled from Slovenia and Austria to celebrate this special day with them. With the vineyards in the back and the view over the beautiful blue Lake of Constance, the two read their personally written vows. Eva’s good friend made the wedding ceremony and prepared the most emotional and personal speech I had ever heard. The two could enjoy a few moments just for themselves during the romantic bridal couple shoot in the golden evening light. And after that, the time was right to celebrate with their loved ones…