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After Wedding Photos in Montafon

Vorarlberg has a special meaning to Lena and Michael.
For many years they came back to this area in Austria for their holidays again and again.
Here in the mountains, they experienced some of their most beautiful memories.
When they started planning their wedding day, they had the Idea to capture some of the special moments they will have during their vacation in Montafon this year on After Wedding photos in Montafon.

I was so excited when I got Lena´s e-mail. I love After wedding photo sessions. They are always so much fun. And the two of them let me choose the location for their unique wedding photos in the mountains. The incredible trust that couples give me with this decision is always so special to me. I started researching for the perfect place immediately, and a few days later, I drove into the Montafon Valley to explore some of the places with my own eyes. I found a beautiful little lake that reflected the remarkable mountains around it, and it was the perfect place for Lena and Michael´s epic wedding photos.

When they finally arrived in Vorarlberg for their holiday, we met early in the morning at the mountain cableway. We took the first gondola of the day to get to the summit station and started the hike to the lake. I found it a few days earlier. Luckily Lena and Michael were as excited about the fascinating view from this place as I when they saw the place I chose for their wedding photo for the first time.

As professional wedding photographers, it is essential to find an excellent location for your wedding photos that fit you as a couple and show off your unique relationship.
After wedding sessions, the best thing is that we have enough time to hike to all the places you want and even get to the locations that may have been too far away to reach on your actual wedding day. We are flexible in choosing a day with good weather and having all the time to create unique photos in a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to know what other reasons there are to do an after wedding photo session, read this blog post I wrote a while ago.

Lena and Michael were in a great mood, and in this relaxed atmosphere, we could create epic photos in the breathtaking scenery of the Montafon mountains. I am so excited about this fantastic reflection of them in the lake!

After that, the two of them hiked in their complete wedding attire with suit and dress to the next location I had picked for them. In the middle of this fascinating landscape, Lena and Michael could enjoy this unique moment hand in hand. I am sure the two of them will remember this moment for many years. Surrounded by remarkable mountain peaks, little lakes, and blooming alpine flowers, we could create their dream wedding photos.

On the way back to the mountain cable car, we came across a stunning meadow full of alpine flowers. We decided spontaneously to change the hiking gear one more time to a suit and wedding gown and use this unique location for a few last wedding photos before we made our way back down to the valley.

24 hochzeitsfotos montafon vorarlberg

After-wedding photo sessions are a unique possibility to create epic wedding photos at the location you dream of, at the perfect time of the day, and in the best light.
There is often no time to hike to the top of a mountain on the actual wedding day, it can rain, or sometimes there is no time to fit a more extended photo session.
If you decide to do your wedding couple photos on a different day, we have all the time you need. We can get to your dream location. We can drive, hike, or even take a helicopter to get there and create epic wedding photos in a relaxed atmosphere.
Besides, it is a perfect possibility to wear our wedding outfit again and remember your wedding day’s special moments. Another unique idea is to do a photo session like this on your anniversary and celebrate this day with it. Or do it like Lena and Michael, and let us capture some moments of your vacation or honeymoon in the stunning landscape there. If you decide to do an after-wedding photo session for whatever reason, we can’t recommend that enough and would be more than happy to capture this special moment on epic photos for you!

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