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Adventure Couple Session on the Lofoten Islands

On our big Norway road trip this summer, we also visited the Lofoten Islands, which inspired us from the first moment we have been there. The steep mountains that stick out of the fjords’ turquoise water, white sand beaches, countless crystal clear mountain lakes, and untouched nature made this archipelago our personal favorite of all the stunning places we saw last year.

We saw new fascinating places every day on the Lofoten Islands, which were so beautiful! We often said how perfect this landscape would be for unique wedding photos in Norway and how much we would love to photograph an adventurous elopement on the Lofoten Islands.
When we found Daria and David’s Instagram account, we decided spontaneously to write them a message and ask if they would like to do a couple session with us.

Luckily they said yes, and we started to plan an adventurous photo session together.
There are so many stunning places on the Lofoten Islands that we couldn’t decide where to go, and to capture as much of the fantastic landscapes as possible, we suggested hiking not just to one but to two mountaintops. Daria and David told us that they were in immediately, and we got even more excited to take some unique couple photos of them.
Now we just had to cross our fingers that the weather stays dry.

At noon we picked Daria and David up in Svolvaer and drove together to the Island of Gimsoya, from where we started the hike to our first photo location.
It was cloudy, but this weather made the photos just more authentic for Norway, and now and then, even the sun beamed through the clouds.

Together we explored all the corners of the remarkable mountain peak, enjoyed the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and fjords, and created beautiful couple photos for them in the stunning landscape of Norway.

The wind let Daria’s dress fly, which made the photos look even more adventurous and unique.
Although it was a bit cold, the couple didn’t let it show, and we had so much fun together!

Hiking Adventure Session on the Lofoten Islands in Norway

After a while, we started to hike back to the car to be on the second mountaintop for sunset. We stopped at a beautiful viewpoint on the road, do have dinner together, and started the second hike with fresh energy.  The hiking path led us through high grass and a beautiful little mountain lake, which was already sparkling in the golden evening sun. Of course, we also captured these moments along the way on photos. When the couple sometimes doesn’t even notice that we are taking pictures, the little in-between moments are often our favorite captures.

In the last few minutes of the hike, we started to get a little nervous because everything started to get covered in a dense fog. But just before we reached the top, the sight cleared up again, and we had the most amazing view over the remarkable mountains, white sand beaches, and the turquoise water around us.

039 adventure elopement wedding lofoten norway

The clouds reflected the warm light of the evening sun and danced so fast around us that we started immediately to take photos before the fog would cover the view again.

We hiked to many mountain peaks to watch the sunset during our time in Norway, but the weather here is so unpredictable, and almost every time, the clouds came up just in time to hide the actual sunset from us. This made us feel even more lucky and excited that the weather put on such a fantastic show for us that evening. The combination of clouds and the golden sunset created the most unique mood that none of us will forget again.

We are so grateful that Daria and David trusted us completely, even hiked to two mountain tops with us, and have been up to try all our ideas. Nature created the most beautiful backdrop for us, it was even more stunning than in our dreams, and we are sure that we will always love to remember that adventure photo session on the Lofoten Islands.

069 adventure elopement wedding lofoten norway

What Daria and David say about their experience with us:

We would love to say big THANK YOU for our photo session. Victoria and Fabian are a very creative, open-minded and happy couple! The atmosphere was amazing, it was our first session in life, they guided us and gave us lots of ideas on how to do it to make us feel comfortable and happy in front of the cameras! They chose an insane location and gave 100% of their passion to taking great shots. Even when conditions and weather made things difficult, this talented pair of photographers did the best!

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