Ski Elopement in Österreich

101 Activities for Your Winter Elopement in the Alps

Table of Contents

  1. Ideas for your winter elopement.
  2. Sport & Action
    1. 1. Skiing
    2. 2. Snowboarding
    3. 3. Night skiing
    4. 4. Freeskiing
    5. 5. Ski touring
    6. 6. Ride a split board
    7. 7. Snowshoeing
    8. 8. Winter hiking
    9. 9. Lantern walk
    10. 10. Sledding
    11. 11. Night Sledding
    12. 12. Cross country skiing
    13. 13. Ice skating
    14. 14. Ice climbing
    15. 15. SUP on the ice water
    16. 16. Ice bathing
    17. 17. Ice fishing
    18. 18. Ice Yachting
    19. 19. Winter kayaking
    20. 20. Snow kayaking
    21. 21. Airboarding
    22. 22. Snow tubing
    23. 23. Ski fox
    24. 24. Snowter
    25. 25. Alpine Coaster
    26. 26. Zipline
    27. 27. Drive a racing bobsleigh
    28. 28. Horner sledding
    29. 29. Skidoo
    30. 30. Quad driving
    31. 31. Segway trekking
    32. 32. Snow golf
    33. 33. Fatbiking
    34. 34. Snow kite
    35. 35. Paragliding
    36. 36. Heli skiing
  3. Landscape
    1. 37. Helicopter Flight
    2. 38. Plane Sightseeing Flight
    3. 39. Build a snowman
    4. 40. Make Snow Angels
    5. 41. Snowball Fight
    6. 42. Take the Gondola Up
    7. 43. Glacier Cave
    8. 44. Winter Boat Trip
    9. 45. Visit a Frozen Waterfall
    10. 46. ​​Stargazing
    11. 47. Look for Animal Tracks in the Snow
    12. 48. Hike Over a Suspension Bridge
  4. Winter Activities in the Alps with Animals
    1. 49. Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride
    2. 50. Husky Ride
    3. 51. Feed Deer
    4. 52. Horse Riding
    5. 53. Alpaca Walk
  5. Overnight Stays
    1. 54. Sleep in a Mountain Hut
    2. 55. Spend the Night in an Igloo
    3. 56. Winter Camping
  6. Romance & Wellness
    1. 57. Campfire in the Snow
    2. 58. Cuddle in Front of a Crackling Fireplace
    3. 59. Grill Marshmallows
    4. 60. Read a Book or Poem
    5. 61. Read Love Letters
    6. 62. Write Letters to Each Other
    7. 63. Make a Time Capsule from Your Winter Elopement in the Alps
    8. 64. Making Music Together
    9. 65. Have a Song Written for You
    10. 66. Take a Bubble Bath
    11. 67. Visit a Thermal Bath
    12. 68. Warm Up in the Sauna
    13. 69. Barefoot in the Snow
  7. Culinary
    1. 70. Candlelight Dinner
    2. 71. Wine/Beer/Whiskey Tasting
    3. 72. Eating Fondue
    4. 73. Chocolate Fondue
    5. 74. Try Traditional Alpine Dishes
    6. 75. Bake Cookies Together
    7. 76. Winter Barbecues
    8. 77. Picnic in the Snow
    9. 78. Visit the Panorama Restaurant
    10. 79. Go to a Christmas market
  8. Culture & Handicraft
    1. 80. Visit a Palace or Castle
    2. 81. Walk Through Historic Villages
    3. 82. Visit a Museum
    4. 83. Have a Portrait Painted
    5. 84. Yodel Workshop
    6. 85. Dancing in the Snow
    7. 86. Drive with a Museum Locomotive
    8. 87. Visit an Alpine Dairy and Try Traditional Cheese
    9. 88. Experience a Culture Evening or a Schuhplattler Show
    10. 89. Make Wedding Rings Yourself
    11. 90. Candle Drawing
    12. 91. Have Your Hands Sculpted
    13. 92. Acrylic Pouring
    14. 93. Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks
  9. Wedding Rituals
    1. 94. Read out self-written Vows
    2. 95. Sand Ceremony
    3. 96. Handfasting (Knot Ceremony)
    4. 97. Fire Ceremony
    5. 98. Exchange Rings
    6. 99. First Look
    7. 100. Branding
    8. 101. The Four Elements of Life
  10. We are happy to help you plan your winter elopement in the Alps!

Ideas for your winter elopement.

Snow-covered mountains, crackling fires, cinnamon scent, and flickering candlelight, winter is the perfect season for a romantic Elopement in the Alps.
But what do you do the whole day on a winter elopement in the Alps?
The great thing about Elopements is that there are no rules. You can make the day exactly as you want, and fill it with all the activities you two enjoy together.
There are countless ways to spend a winter day as a couple. Whether a romantic candlelight dinner, a ski tour to one of the snow-covered peaks, an adventurous Skidoo ride, or cozy hours in a thermal bath, there are so many activities with which you can fill your winter Elopement day.
We have put together over 100 ideas for your winter elopement in the Alps in this blog post.

Sport & Action

1. Skiing

Ski down the slopes together on freshly groomed slopes amidst the impressive mountain panorama and glittering snow.
The great thing about the ski areas is that you can take the gondolas and lifts to dreamy places in the heights with little effort, and you can even ski or snowboard down in your wedding outfit!

hochzeitsbilder in damüls im winter

2. Snowboarding

It’s just as much fun with a snowboard as it is on skis.

3. Night skiing

Many ski areas have an illuminated slope.
Driving down the slopes in the dark is a very special experience and a great way to end your winter elopement in the alps.

4. Freeskiing

For those who prefer to ski down the hill away from the slopes, freeskiing could be just the thing for you.

5. Ski touring

Or a ski tour through the untouched nature or even up to a snow-covered summit. The significant advantage of ski touring is that you get to pristine places.
Standing alone on a snow-covered mountain peak as a couple is a very special feeling. It must be even more unique to say your vows on your winter elopement in the Alps in such a place. When you then have a hill with fresh powder snow in front of you, in which you can draw your first tracks, the feeling of freedom is perfect, and every descent will remind you of your special wedding day.

6. Ride a split board

Splitboarding is the perfect combination of ski touring and snowboarding. For the ascent, the split board can be “split” into two parts (like two skis) and reassembled at the top so that you can board down the snowy slopes with a snowboard.

7. Snowshoeing

During a snowshoe hike, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the snow-covered winter landscape. You can explore nature perfectly through pristine valleys, snow-covered forests, or along a frozen stream with snowshoes.

Schneeschuhwanderung mit Husky

8. Winter hiking

Perfectly developed is the network of winter hiking trails in many places in the Alps. You can take a stroll through the snow-covered villages, valleys, and mountains on groomed paths, and you can also go on longer hikes.

Winterwanderweg Vorarlberg

9. Lantern walk

The fact that it gets dark so early in winter also has some advantages, for example on a clear night you can watch the stars before dinner. And when the reflection of the moon shines brightly from the sky in the white snow, it is often bright enough at night to stroll through nature and enjoy the quiet. With a lantern in hand, the evening stroll becomes even more romantic.

10. Sledding

You can perfectly combine a fun sled run with a leisurely winter hike.
How about a romantic hike to a hut, where you warm up with a mulled wine by the crackling fireplace. And then go back down to the valley with the sled.
You can also take a gondola up and start the rapid descent right at the mountain station in many places.

sledding wedding in austria

11. Night Sledding

Anyone who has ever been to an Alpine village in winter knows how much the locals love Christmas lights. Almost every house is decorated with glowing lights, and many sled runs are also illuminated by night. You can find everything, from professional floodlights to romantic fairy lights. The less well-known stretches that are decorated with fairy lights are perfect for a romantic evening stroll and a fun sled ride.

12. Cross country skiing

Another way to have fun through the snow-covered alpine landscape is cross-country skiing. The large network of cross-country trails is perfectly groomed in many places and offers a great nature experience.

13. Ice skating

The frozen landscape is breathtaking and offers plenty of opportunities for sports lovers of all kinds—thick layers of ice form on many lakes, perfect for ice skating. There are, of course, also artificially created ice rinks and halls.
The idea of ​​gliding hand in hand over the frozen lake surrounded by a white snowy landscape when the ice crystals sparkle in the sun from all directions is almost kitschy. It could be the perfect activity for your winter elopement in the Alps.

14. Ice climbing

Not only do the lakes freeze over in winter, but also the waterfalls are transformed into unique ice sculptures that are not only beautiful to look at but also enable ice climbing. That could be a unique experience for couples who are enthusiastic about climbing, and the photos of you climbing over the blue ice are sure to be incredible.

15. SUP on the ice water

You can practice almost all water sports in winter if you are not afraid of cold water.
You can even stand up paddle through an ice cave in the Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier.
But be careful otherwise. You can tick the next item on our list right away.

16. Ice bathing

According to the motto – go out of your comfort zone and into the adventure – jumping into a snow-covered mountain stream or lake is a unique challenge.
With the story of how you jumped into the ice water on your winter elopement in the Alps, you can surely surprise even your grandchildren.

17. Ice fishing

Even if it is probably too cold for most of us to jump into the water ourselves, the fish feel good in the clear mountain lakes. Some lakes are great for ice fishing so that you can catch your wedding menu yourself in 😉

18. Ice Yachting

Have you heard of Ice Yachting? I read about this sport for the first time while researching this blog post, but the photos immediately awakened my interest. It’s probably something more extreme and nothing that you try for the first time on the wedding day. Although everything is possible 😉

19. Winter kayaking

Not all lakes and streams freeze over in winter, so you can also explore the winter landscape from the water by kayak. Special suits protect you from the cold water. Paddling together connects, and you can relax in the process.

20. Snow kayaking

And when there is no water, you can even paddle through the snow in a kayak or instead jet down the slope.

21. Airboarding

If you are looking for a memorable experience with lots of adrenaline, air boarding is a hot tip.
Lie headfirst with your stomach on the air cushion and slide down the slope with it.

22. Snow tubing

Sometimes extra slides for the inflatable inner tubes are built to stay on track when you slide down the hill with them.

23. Ski fox

The ski box is a single ski on which a seat is mounted via a pole. Both feet on the left and right of the ski touch the ground so that you can steer.

24. Snowter

The Snowter reminds me of a BMX bike but without a seat. The wheels are attached to a cycle, and skis are mounted on the Snowter. The Snowter is also similar to a bicycle in driving style and control.

25. Alpine Coaster

The Alpin Coasters guarantee lots of fun. For example the Alpachtaler Lauser Sauser
Or the Arena Coaster in Zillertal are open all year round.

26. Zipline

The Skyfly in Ischgl is over two kilometers long
or the Serfauser Sauser and guarantee a rapid flight over the snow-covered landscape.

27. Drive a racing bobsleigh

Speeding through the ice channel in a racing bobsleigh is wilder and faster than aerobatics and a roller coaster combined. A professional pilot ensures high speeds of up to 120 km / h on the steering ropes. The bob shoots down the track with its insane curves. Centrifugal forces up to several times your body weight await you.

28. Horner sledding

The Horner sleds were previously made for transport in the Alpine valleys. Today, the races with the large, self-made sleds are a tradition in many Alpine villages, and the descent with them is anything but easy.

winter wedding on horner sled

29. Skidoo

With the Skidoo, you can accelerate your heartbeat while trying out the powerful snowmobile. Runners steer the rapid devices at the vehicle’s front while transmitting the thrust via the chains at the rear.

30. Quad driving

You can steer Quads through snow and mud without skis but with wheels. While the cold wind is blowing around your ears, you can challenge yourself on a wide variety of surfaces.

31. Segway trekking

With the electrically powered off-road scooters, you can effortlessly conquer the mountains. These companions cover up to 20 km / h and keep their balance, as if by magic. The rider leans slightly forward or backward to move the Segway forwards or back. To steer left or right, the driver tilts the handlebar to the left or right. Suppose the driver stays straight, the device stops. This body-related control is one of the most intuitive globally and makes a significant contribution to driving enjoyment.

32. Snow golf

Snow golf is a variant of golf not played on grass but snow and ice surfaces. The name of the greens is whites here, as they consist of an ice surface specially prepared for this. Accordingly, the balls are not white but green or red.

33. Fatbiking

Fatbikes are mountain bikes with a particular order: light hardtails without a suspension fork. The four to five-inch wide tires are inflated to just 0.5 bar – tailor-made for soft surfaces and therefore ideally suited for cruising and freeriding on snow.

34. Snow kite

Snowkiting is a variant of kite sailing. It can be practiced in snow-covered, open areas in winter. It is best to have a suitable towing kite and skis or a snowboard. If there is enough wind, you let the kite fly and pull you over the snow.

35. Paragliding

Those who dare to venture into lofty heights can enjoy an incredible view from the air while paragliding. Usually, you take the cable car up the mountain and then start at the top. With an experienced guide, you land safely back in the valley after the flight.

36. Heli skiing

Heli-skiing, or heliboarding, describes a type of skiing or snowboarding where the Pilot flies you onto a snow-covered mountain in a helicopter. From there, under the guidance of experienced helicopter guides, you descend through untouched deep snow.


37. Helicopter Flight

Everyone is enthusiastic about a helicopter sightseeing flight. Experienced pilots take you to the unique features of the region. The experience is fantastic, whether taking off from a standing position, enjoying the fantastic view, or standing still in the air for your perfect souvenir photo.

38. Plane Sightseeing Flight

You cannot compare a sightseeing flight with the restricted view from a scheduled plane. This flight is not about getting from A to B quickly, but rather enjoying the view. Marvel at the memorable landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

39. Build a snowman

Who does not know him, three snow globes stacked on top of one another, a carrot as a nose and pebbles as eyes and coat buttons, the snowman is ready, or the snow woman. In addition to snowmen, you can also make other figures and sculptures out of the cold white. Especially when the snow is rather wet, it sticks together well, and there are hardly any limits to the imagination.

40. Make Snow Angels

If you see snow for the first time, you shouldn’t miss the chance to lay your back in the snow, row your hands up and open and close your legs, creating an impression in the snow that looks like an angel.

41. Snowball Fight

Those who love each other tease each other, as the saying goes. There is no better way to tease each other than with a snowball that suddenly lands on the other’s back. And the quickest way to turn into a snowball fight. It is up to you whether you form beautiful balls for this, toss snow over to the other with both hands, or rub yourself in with the cold white.

42. Take the Gondola Up

Also, many cable cars operate in winter, so you can take a gondola up a mountain and admire the snow-covered mountains in the wintry landscape. It is fascinating how different everything looks when nature is wrapped in her white dress.

wedding in a cable car

43. Glacier Cave

Immerse yourself in a magical world made of ice crystals. It is a magical feeling to stand in a cave in the middle of the eternal ice, surrounded by endless shades of blue. The glacier caves are often only accessible in the winter months and make a fascinating scenery for your winter elopement in the Alps.

44. Winter Boat Trip

A unique experience is a boat trip in winter, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy summer months, the steaming springs that feed the lake become visible, you float through the fog and feel like an ice queen and ice king.

45. Visit a Frozen Waterfall

If it is cold enough, many waterfalls freeze in winter. The unique ice shapes created in the process often have a magical effect, as if from another world.

46. ​​Stargazing

In winter, it gets dark early in the Alpine valleys. When the sky is cloudless, it is worth looking at the night sky a little away from the light pollution. The stars are always enchanting, and if you are lucky, you see a falling star and can make a wish.

stargazing wedding

47. Look for Animal Tracks in the Snow

When you walk through the winter forest, you will be surprised how many animals have already walked through the fresh snow. Most of them can be easily recognized by their shape and distance.

48. Hike Over a Suspension Bridge

Some suspension bridges are amazingly long. If you are not afraid of heights, you should look at these fascinating buildings up close and walk across them, a highlight both in summer and in winter. One of these long bridges is the Highline179 in Tyrol, which received the world record title “Longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Tibet style” in 2014.

Winter Activities in the Alps with Animals

49. Horse-drawn Sleigh Ride

A romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride, wrapped up snuggly, through the winter landscape is a memorable experience, especially when the landscape is deeply snowed. It is the perfect activity for your winter elopement in the alps and gets you from A to B with a lot of charm.

50. Husky Ride

If you’re looking for a little more action and love dogs, a husky sleigh ride might be the right thing for you. YÁt most places, you get your own sled and steer the pack yourself.

51. Feed Deer

If you would like to see a deer with its antlers up close, you can watch how the wild animals are fed in the winter reserves. The animals are shy in summer but often come within a few meters in winter.

52. Horse Riding

Riding is also possible in winter. The fascinating winter landscapes look even more beautiful from a horse’s back, and what could be more romantic than riding through the snow together.

53. Alpaca Walk

Alpacas are adorable animals. The fluffy camel species are mainly bred for their cozy wool. They are also ideal for going on a hike with them. A walk on your winter elopement in the Alps is even more fun with a fluffy companion.

Overnight Stays

54. Sleep in a Mountain Hut

If you want your alpine idyll to be perfect, there are many small mountain huts and chalets for rent, from the simple to the luxury version with its whirlpool and many amenities. A cozy little cabin in the middle of the snowy winter landscape just for you alone is the perfect start and end to your winter elopement in the Alps, and if you stay a few days longer, you can combine the honeymoon with the wedding.

55. Spend the Night in an Igloo

An igloo overnight stay is a unique experience, and it sounds colder than it is because igloos have high thermal capabilities, so you don’t have to freeze at night. If you are still a bit chilly, the best thing to do is to snuggle up close to your partner.

56. Winter Camping

You can rent a well-insulated camper van, or you can dress warmly and warm yourself by the fire.
Depending on how tough you are, a sleeping bag and warm clothes are enough to camp out under the stars. You can zip many sleeping bags together to get a little extra warmth from your partner.
Being in snowy nature at night is a memorable experience when the countless snow crystals reflect the moonlight, and everything is peaceful.

Romance & Wellness

57. Campfire in the Snow

A campfire in the snow is very romantic. It not only looks pretty but also warms you. You should make sure that you don’t sit directly in the snow but on a blanket or something like that. Otherwise, it gets cold quickly.

58. Cuddle in Front of a Crackling Fireplace

What could be cozier than cuddling up in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate? This is the perfect alternative for the winter campfire for those who prefer to be warm.

59. Grill Marshmallows

Whether you cuddle up in front of a fireplace or sit around the bonfire, open fires always call for smores. Put some marshmallows on wooden sticks and grill them over the fire. It is best to put the grilled marshmallow together with chocolate in two shortbread biscuits. Our insider tip: dip the marshmallow in Baileys before grilling for a unique taste experience.

60. Read a Book or Poem

While you cuddle up together in front of the fireplace, you can also read your favorite poems or books to each other.

61. Read Love Letters

Or maybe you have old love letters that you wrote to each other a few years ago. What could be nicer than thinking back to the first butterflies you felt at the beginning of your romance and relieving these feelings on your winter elopement in the Alps.

62. Write Letters to Each Other

Or write yourself a new love letter that you can read on the wedding day or save for later. It is also an excellent idea to write down the wishes and goals for the future together and then read them together on the wedding anniversary in 5 or 10 years.

63. Make a Time Capsule from Your Winter Elopement in the Alps

As an alternative to the letter you open in a few years, you can also put together an entire time capsule with memories of the wedding day.
In which you put, for example, marriage advice from your guests, a bottle of your wedding wine, ten reasons why you fell in love, your marriage vows, the letters from the previous point, unique items that your guests would like to add, your favorite film, or anything you want. You then bury them or put them aside and open them on one of your wedding anniversaries, or at a special event, like a child’s birth.

64. Making Music Together

Sing or play a song for each other, or make music together. Many instruments can produce an excellent sound even without prior knowledge. The very musical ones can even write a song and surprise the other on the wedding day.

65. Have a Song Written for You

Those who are not so musical themselves can also let someone else write and sing a song about their relationship and listen to it on the wedding day.

66. Take a Bubble Bath

A very relaxed way to end your winter elopement day is a bubble bath together, preferably in a giant bathtub in which there is space for two.

67. Visit a Thermal Bath

Steaming warm water, surrounded by the snowy winter landscape, a visit to the thermal baths in winter is an ideal opportunity to warm up again after activities in the snow.

68. Warm Up in the Sauna

A sauna session opens up body and mind. In winter, it is charming because you can warm up and then cool down again in the snow between sauna sessions.

69. Barefoot in the Snow

Running barefoot through the snow, or lying entirely in it, stimulates blood circulation. If you want, you can challenge each other to see who can stand it longer in the cold, or you can throw each other in the snow.


70. Candlelight Dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner for two is always unique and something you can incorporate ideally into your elopement day.

71. Wine/Beer/Whiskey Tasting

Tasting the fine drinks is well advised if you want to put your taste buds to the test. Often you can mix your drink, e.g., whiskey, or have a bottle designed with a personal label with the name and the wedding date. What could be better than opening a bottle years later and enjoying that special drink of your wedding on your anniversary or other special events.

72. Eating Fondue

Cheese & meat fondue has long been one of the most popular winter dishes in the Alps. Many of the valleys are known for their traditionally produced cheeses, so the cheese fondue, in particular, has a special place in these villages. Here a bread cube is skewered, dipped deep into the melted cheese mass with the fondue fork, and stirred a few times. Then you can put the delicious bread and cheese chunks directly in your mouth. Instead of the bread cubes in melted cheese, with meat fondue, small pieces of meat are put in boiling oil.

73. Chocolate Fondue

If you prefer something sweet, you can dip various fruits in melted chocolate.
The chocolate-covered fruits go perfectly with a romantic dinner. It becomes even more romantic when you feed each other with them.

74. Try Traditional Alpine Dishes

If you are planning your winter elopement in the Alps, you should allow time to explore the region and try some of the traditional delicacies that can be found all over the Alps. The many self-made kinds of cheese, Kaiserschmarren, Apfelstrudel, yeast dumplings, and of course the Wienerschnitzel is particularly well-known.

wedding with Traditional Alpine Dishes

75. Bake Cookies Together

In many families, baking Christmas cookies together is a tradition every winter. When the scent of freshly baked biscuits flows through the whole house, memories of happy days with loved ones have awakened again. Use your winter elopement in the Alps to start a new tradition for your own family.

76. Winter Barbecues

You can also grill in winter. Surrounded by snow, a crackling fire even has an extraordinary charm. Combine the whole thing with a warm campfire so that you feel nice and warm.

77. Picnic in the Snow

Or how about a picnic in the snow? Pack the picnic blanket, a few delicacies, and a hot tea, find a nice spot and enjoy your snacks in the middle of the beautiful winter landscape. You can also combine a picnic with another winter activity such as sledding or a winter hike.

winter elopement with picnic in the snow

78. Visit the Panorama Restaurant

With the great view from a panorama restaurant, the tea or coffee tastes even better. Great restaurants are built-in unique places that can be easily reached by cable car or a winter hiking trail in many areas.

79. Go to a Christmas market

The unique atmosphere at a Christmas market is infectious, and you immediately get into the Christmas spirit. In addition, the many fairy lights look super romantic. Listen to the Christmas music and warm up with a delicious mulled wine while you stroll through the Christmas market.

Culture & Handicraft

80. Visit a Palace or Castle

In the middle of the snow-covered mountains, forests, and valleys, the old palaces and castles present themselves with their very special magic. The historical buildings put you in a fairytale mood, especially in winter. A unique palace (such as Neuschwanstein Castle) or an old castle not only offers an exceptional backdrop for your wedding photos. It is also fascinating to tour the building from the inside and get insight into who lived here many years ago.

81. Walk Through Historic Villages

In the remote valleys of the Alps, one comes across traditional villages that seem to come from a bygone era. Old wooden houses in the middle of the picturesque mountain landscape offer pure alpine idyll.

82. Visit a Museum

From traditional local museums to galleries that show the creme de la creme of modern art, every museum lover is sure to find an exhibition they love for a lovely afternoon in a museum in the Alps.

wedding with museum visit

83. Have a Portrait Painted

A hand-painted portrait of you is a special reminder of your winter elopement in the Alps. There are even portrait artists on-site at the Christmas markets in many places who will paint a picture for you within a short time, and you can even look over their shoulders.

84. Yodel Workshop

Juchitzer, Almschrei, and yodeling – what sounds like foreign words to you up to now will soon be music to your ears.
In a yodel workshop, a professional yodel trainer teaches you breathing techniques and tells exciting anecdotes about the history of yodeling.

85. Dancing in the Snow

The first dance as a newly married couple is special and a tradition that many couples would not want to miss during their winter elopement in the Alps. This moment is even more unique when you hire a great musician to play your favorite song live for you.

wedding with dance in the snow

86. Drive with a Museum Locomotive

Many historical trains run through the Alpine valleys for all railway enthusiasts. Some of them also run in winter. The old steam locomotives that glide through the snow-covered winter landscape are a unique experience for young and old as if from a Harry Potter film. In the Wälderbähnle in the Bregenzerwald, you can even officially get married.

87. Visit an Alpine Dairy and Try Traditional Cheese

A tour of an alpine dairy with cheese tasting is the right thing for all cheese lovers. The cheeses in the different regions all have their history and characteristics.

88. Experience a Culture Evening or a Schuhplattler Show

Anyone who would like to watch an old traditional folk dance is welcome to a cultural evening. In addition to various demonstrations of traditional dances, such as the Schuhplattler, traditional songs are often sung together and played on special instruments such as the alphorns.

89. Make Wedding Rings Yourself

Some goldsmiths’ workshops offer the possibility of making your wedding rings by yourself from a wide variety of materials using different techniques.

90. Candle Drawing

Candle drawing is a particularly atmospheric tradition that you can try out on-site at many Advent markets. The self-drawn candles are not only super beautiful on your festive table. You can also use them as wedding candles.

91. Have Your Hands Sculpted

Our hands speak volumes, give off warmth and uniquely express deep feelings. Therefore it is an excellent memory to capture the moment and the emotion of your wedding for eternity with a hand sculpture.

92. Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Pouring is an experimental painting technique with acrylic paints that can create extraordinary works of art. The unique thing about the acrylic flow technique: It is always an experiment, the results of which cannot be foreseen, and creates very abstract, creative works. Since making such a painting is quick and easy, you can also incorporate this technique into a wedding ceremony and then have a work of art that reminds you of that day again and again.

93. Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks

What is more romantic than watching the colored lights together and being amazed? With a New Year’s kiss that brings luck, you start the new year – the first one as husband and wife – perfectly.

weddigng with new year's eve fireworks

Wedding Rituals

94. Read out self-written Vows

To write your marriage vows, with which you say what you mean to each other. From the bottom of your heart, at the wedding, is a firework of emotions.

95. Sand Ceremony

Two different grains of sand or earth are alternately poured into a vessel in the sand ceremony. The resulting pattern symbolizes the connection between two people and forever captures this moment.

96. Handfasting (Knot Ceremony)

You have probably heard the expression “tie the knot” before. Today it is used proverbially for every wedding. Originally it comes from the knot ceremony. Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the bond between two lives.

97. Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony is less well known. As a bridal couple, ignite the blazing fire of your passionate love with the fire ritual. Whisper your wishes for the future to the rising smoke as it cleanses your body and mind, and let them rise to heaven. Celebrate your excellent start to married life.

98. Exchange Rings

The wedding rings are more than two pretty accessories or simple jewelry on the ring finger.
A ring is an ancient symbol that stands for infinity and eternal love. It expresses loyalty and solidarity between two people. But also the commitment that you entered into when you got married.

wedding rings exchange

99. First Look

The moment you see yourself in your complete wedding outfit for the first time is always very special and emotional. We love to capture this moment in photos. Every time a smile forms on your face and your eyes start to shine when you realize: Wow, this beautiful person I’m about to marry, the time has finally come.

wedding in the snow

100. Branding

A brand is applied to an object with a heated iron. As a tattoo, it’s irrevocable. Burn your names, the first letters, the initials of your common family name. Whether leather, wood, a book, or an object that means something to you, such as driftwood that you took with you on your first walk together, a brand looks great on many things.

101. The Four Elements of Life

The four elements wedding ritual is a combination of protection and closeness to nature. It is shown with the essential elements of life: fire, water, earth, and air.
During the ceremony, a protection circle is formed from the four elements of nature. You are at the center of it. All essential elements are activated to give the bride and groom strength, courage, and happiness for marriage.

We are happy to help you plan your winter elopement in the Alps!

We hope our ideas have inspired you and you now have a lot of ideas for your winter elopement in the Alps. We are happy to help you plan a wedding day that includes all of your favorite activities. Let’s create an unforgettable experience together! With special photos of us, you can remember your wedding day for a lifetime! We look forward to hearing from you.

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