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Best Places to Elope in Europe in 2023

More and more couples are deciding to celebrate a destination wedding in Europe. Breathtaking landscapes, natural spectacles, and historical places, Europe has so many beautiful locations for your wedding abroad. High mountains, picturesque coastal towns, glaciers, waterfalls, and fairytale castles, the landscapes in Europe are so diverse, and we know that if you look for them, you will find beautiful places in every country! So we could make this list endless.
Since that would not be very helpful when deciding on where to elope in Europe, you will find here a list of, in our opinion, the best places to elope in Europe in 2023.

We are happy to help you find the perfect location for your wedding for two abroad. Write us, and let’s make your dream wedding a reality together.

Top 10 Places for Your Mountain Elopement in Europe

Surrounded by high peaks, blooming alpine flowers, or blue glacier ice, the mountains have an infinite number of beautiful places to offer.
Here are our top 10 best places for your mountain elopement in Europe.

Heiraten am Kalbelesee

Lofoten in Norway

Hardly any other landscape has impressed us as much as the Lofoten Islands. The striking mountain peaks that rise out of the turquoise-blue water of the fjords, the mountainsides are full of wild blueberries, and to top it all off, you can marvel at white sandy beaches from the mountain peaks. The mountains are often steep and rocky. You will feel as if you are in a high-alpine landscape, although many of the peaks are only a few hundred meters high, which benefits that you can reach a summit with breathtaking views sometimes in less than an hour. Of course, there are also many longer tours as well multi-day hikes. The cute little huts you will see everywhere while hiking in Norway can often be booked for an overnight stay. Anyone planning a mountain wedding in Norway should be prepared because the weather is hard to predict and quickly changes. Often it rains in torrents at one moment, and a few minutes later, the sky is blue again. Therefore, being surprised by rainbows and unique light moods is super high. Another natural spectacle is the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter. Imagine standing on a hill, surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks and turquoise-blue fjords, with the stars glittering and the aurora borealis dancing above you while you say your wedding vows.

Vorarlberg in Austria

In Vorarlberg there are countless idyllic places in the middle of the mountains, in summer the alpine flowers bloom and in winter the snow glistens from the peaks, here you can find beautiful places for a wedding for two in nature all year round. Many of the alpine huts that can be found all over the Vorarlberg mountains are feasted in the summer and invite you to enjoy delicious refreshments with homemade specialties. Compared to other regions in the Alps, Vorarlberg, the small state in the west of Austria, is relatively unknown, so there are still many places where you will almost only meet locals and where there is a good chance you will have all the space alone. Regardless of whether you want to go on a demanding mountain tour or are looking for a place that you can reach by car or a gondola, there are so many places, and we are sure to find the right one for your elopement in Europe.

The Dolomites in Italy

Striking cliffs, idyllic crystal clear alpine lakes, and picturesque mountain villages. The Dolomites are a dream for hikers and mountain lovers and have a lot of beautiful places to offer for your mountain elopement. There is a reason that this region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year the Dolomites attract hikers, skiers, climbers, and nature lovers from all over the world, but apart from the well-known hotspots, there are still many quiet places to be found where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in peace.

Bernese Highlands in Switzerland

Untouched nature, breathtaking views, impressive mountains, and glittering lakes! The Bernese Highlands shows its most beautiful side in every season. World-famous mountains such as the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau impress with their unique views. In summer, crystal-clear mountain lakes invite you to take a refreshing swim, while the ski slopes and endless winter hiking trails beckon in winter. Anyone planning a mountain elopement in Europe is sure to find an excellent place for it in the Bernese Highlands.


Madeira is located west of Portugal, off the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The temperatures on the island are pleasant all year round, which is why it also has the name “Island of Eternal Spring.” Even in December, the thermometer still reaches around 20 ° C and at least 14 ° C at night. It never gets really hot on the island, with a pleasant 26 ° C in summer. That means optimal hiking weather all year long. Madeira’s landscape is rugged and rocky in the north and sunny and gentle in the south, making it ideal for hiking and one of the best places for your elopement in Europe. The Levada walks on Madeira are particularly famous. Levadas are artificial watercourses, which direct the water from the areas with higher rainfall in the north and the center of the island to the agricultural cultivation areas in the south.

Julian Alps – Slovenia

Mighty mountains, uniquely beautiful views, crystal clear rivers, and lakes await you in the heart of the Julian Alps, where the mountains tower more than 2500 m into the sky. A remarkable natural jewel is the emerald green Soča, which meanders through picturesque valleys and gorges.

Tyrol – Austria

Tyrol is also called the land of mountains by the locals. Here, you can expect rugged mountain ranges with numerous three-thousand-meter peaks, high alpine regions, and gentle, low mountain ranges. The overwhelming panorama offers a fantastic backdrop for your mountain elopement. Innsbruck is located in the middle of Tyrol. The city at the foot of the Nordkette mountain range combines nature with historical architecture and warm culture. It is easy to reach from all directions, the perfect starting point for further adventures.

Appenzell – Switzerland

The Alpstein is the northeasternmost part of the Swiss Pre-Alps. In the middle of the rolling hills of the Appenzellerland are the remarkable peaks located, known for their idyllic mountain lakes and excellent alpine restaurants and huts. Nature lovers can choose from countless trails – from a simple walk to a challenging mountain hike.

French Alps – France

The region between Lake Geneva and the Côte d’Azur has an infinite number of facets.
The French Alps are also home to Western Europe’s highest peak, Mont-Blanc (4810 m). Almost every valley has a different character. From the nearly Mediterranean ambiance of the villages in the Lake Alps to the rugged ridges of Haute-Savoie, everyone will find the best place to elope in Europe in the Mountains here.
Three national parks, Vanoise, Ecrins, Mercantour, and several regional nature parks, prove nature is extraordinary here. In Les Ecrins National Park, the mythical peaks and glaciers take center stage. The Vanoise massif is a high mountain range in the department of Savoie. The third national park, Mercantour – named after the mountain range of the same name – is located in the French Maritime Alps, not far from the Côte d’Azur.

Bavarian Alps – Germany

In the very south of Germany, the mountains of the Bavarian Alps beckon with gorges, waterfalls, pretty mountain villages, and castles steeped in history – crowned by fantastic summit views.

Top 10 Best Places to Elope in Europe at the Coast

For many couples, strolling barefoot along the beach and watching the sunset together is the epitome of a destination wedding or elopement. In Europe, you will find golden sandy beaches, unique cliffs, and black beaches on which icebergs glitter like diamonds. Here are our top 10 best places to elope in Europe by the sea.

hochzeitsfotograf island

Algarve – Portugal

Hardly anywhere else in Europe is the coastline so multifaceted, as in Portugal. While you find the 7 km long sandy beach of Alvor in the West, there are mystical caves and bizarre stones in the up to 70 m high rocky coast near Faro. The Algarve, which lies between Alentejo in the north, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Spanish border on the Rio Guadiana, has many of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Small bays, endless sandy beaches, or secluded natural bays – in the Algarve, everyone will find their dream beach for a foreign wedding for two.


Black sand and white ice diamonds – Iceland’s beaches are among the absolute highlights of the island. Here you encounter unique and irrepressible nature.
The island in Northern Europe has numerous different coasts due to its proximity to the Antarctic.
Reynisfjara is a well-known black sand beach in Iceland and one of the most famous worldwide. It is a wild place of dramatic beauty where the thundering waves of the Atlantic hit the coast with tremendous force. At Breiðamerkursandur, also known as Diamond Beach, icebergs from the Jökurlsarlon glacier lie on black sand and create the impression that diamonds make the contrasting underground sparkle.

West coast of Ireland

Spectacular cliffs, pristine landscapes, and picture-perfect white beaches – Ireland’s west coast has much more to offer than rolling hills, sheep, and whiskey. Along the Wild Atlantic Way, the green island shows its wild and romantic side. Dramatic cliffs, such as the world-famous Cliffs of Moher, white sandy beaches, and picturesque fishing villages, are perfect as an extraordinary backdrop for your wedding abroad with a panoramic view over the deep blue sea.


Greece has 13,000 kilometers of coastline along the mainland and islands.
In Greece, you can find postcard motifs with white sand and blue water, unique rocky coastlines, and even a pink sand beach.
Yes, you read that right. The Elafonisi beach in Crete shimmers pink to reddish in the sun. Tiny shell particles and coral fragments provide the pink color.

Lofoten – Norway

Most of us associate the Lofoten archipelago in the north of Norway with mighty mountains and small fishing villages instead of a Caribbean idyll like a picture book. Nevertheless, you will find the most spectacular beaches that you can imagine in Lofoten. Here you can stroll along dream beaches that you often have all to yourself, swim in the arctic sea, and enjoy the sun around the clock on the long summer nights.

Mallorca – Balearic Islands

Three hundred forty beaches are located along the 550 km long coastline of Mallorca. The palette ranges from several hundred meters long sandy bays to tiny rock niches only accessible on dizzying climbing routes. The unique rocky coasts are one of the island’s special gems.
Since the Mediterranean Sea is poor in suspended matter and plankton, the water here is crystal clear and transparent and appears in an infinite number of shades of blue.

Canary Islands

Miles of golden-yellow sandy beaches, heavenly beautiful rocky coasts, surrounded by colorful flora and fauna, or black volcanic beaches that border turquoise-blue water – you will find all of these on the Canary Islands. It is also pleasantly warm here all year round.
There are more than 500 beaches in the Canary Islands, and each one is different and unique. The remarkable thing about it is the many different colors with golden, white, and red sand and, of course, the fantastic, almost magnetic volcanic beaches with their shiny black sand.

England – Great Britain

The English coast offers dramatic landscapes and picturesque fishing villages. The south of the island, in particular, is an insider tip. Here you will find sandy beaches and breathtaking backdrops with rocks, cliffs, and fascinating landscapes.


From the wide Mediterranean beaches of Andalusia to the rocky Costa Brava to the green fjords high in the north on the Atlantic Ocean, the 4,000 km long coast of the Spanish mainland hides many unique places. They are perfect for summer holidays and one of the best places to elope in Europe.
In Galicia, in the far northwest of Spain, the rough Atlantic shapes the flat, wooded rocky coast. Again and again, it is interrupted by powder-white sandy beaches. A highlight in this area is the Playa de las Cathedrales with its unique rock arches.
In Asturias, beautiful sandy beaches are embedded in a picture-perfect landscape with rolling, green hills.
On the other hand, Catalonia’s “wild coast,” the Costa Brava, is characterized by cliffs, sandy beaches, and partly medieval coastal villages.
It would be too much to list all the unique coastal stretches of Spain. There are so many memorable landscapes here.

Sardinia – Italy

If you are looking for paradisiacal sandy beaches and secluded bays with a beautiful view, Sardinia is the right place for you.
Sugar-white sand, turquoise-blue water, and a beautiful landscape have also given Sardinia the name Caribbean of Europe.

Top 10 Best Places to Elope in Europe in Village and Castles

Not only the landscapes in Europe are incredibly diverse, but the architecture and culture also are just as worth seeing – from old castles and palaces to rustic alpine huts and modern buildings, there is a lot to discover. The unique atmosphere in the villages offers many great backdrops and some of the best places to elope in Europe.

die schönsten Orte in Europa für eure Hochzeit zu zweit im Ausland

Palaces & castles in Germany

Old fortresses and fairytale castles offer an extraordinary atmosphere for your destination elopement in Europe. You immediately feel like you are in the middle of a fairy tale in the historic buildings. With more than 25.000 palaces and fortresses in Germany, you just need to choose which one you like most. From perfectly preserved and famous castles – such as Neuschwanstein Castle, Heidelberg Castle, the Wartburg, or Eltz Castle – to the lesser-known ruins of medieval fortresses such as the Harzburg or the Munzenberg castle ruins, the old walls are waiting to accompany you back in time.
Sometimes defiant and massive, sometimes filigree and angled, the impressive buildings are spectacularly enthroned on rocks or nestle in beautiful landscapes, surrounded by dense forests or well-tended parks.

Old towns and historic villages in Switzerland, Austria & Germany

You can discover idyllic villages and rustic wooden houses that look like something out of a picture book in many places in Switzerland.
There are also whole museum towns such as Werdenberg in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. It is the oldest Swiss wooden settlement with an urban character, and it is also considered to be probably the smallest city in the world. The Werdenberg Castle has sat enthroned on a hill above the town since the beginning of the 13th century. One of the most famous places in Austria is Hallstadt, the picturesque village directly on the lake attracts many tourists and couples for their destination wedding in Europe every year.

Mount St. Michel in France

Located on the border between Normandy and Brittany, the Mont-Saint-Michel monastery mountain enchants travelers worldwide. The abbey shapes the legendary silhouette, a mystical architectural jewel that reflects in the endless blue of the sea.
Since 1979 the Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, the scene of the strongest tides in Europe, have been part of the “UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

Cinque Terre in Italy

The Italian Riviera has many romantic towns that nestle against the rugged coastline. But the fishing villages of “Cinque Terre” are something extraordinary. Their little streets, the picturesque, colorful houses, and the network of coastal footpaths with breathtaking views of the azure blue sea makes them unique. The Cinque Terre has even been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. These five villages are some of the best places to elope in Europe. The picture book setting of the Cinque Terre is beyond beautiful and a unique backdrop for your destination wedding.

Paris in France

Paris – the city of love – is romantic, dreamy, and magical! The capital of France enchants with its lights, the French language, and way of life. Paris has many names, yet most people associate romance, beauty, and elegance with the capital of France. When you talk about the city of love, nobody doubts that you mean Paris. The origin of this name goes back to the 18th century, when the romantic art movement spread from Paris into Europe. Writers like Victor Hugo and Baudelaire described the beauty of Paris in picturesque words and thus shaped the image of the city.

Alpine huts in Austria

The landscape of the Austrian Alps is known for high peaks, lovely valleys, forests, lakes, and rivers, and when you explore nature, you always come across rustic alpine huts. You will find everything from small wooden stalls to hosted Alps to large mountain huts where you can even spend the night. The wooden alp huts, often built in the most beautiful places, have their very own charm.

Venice in Italy

The unique lagoon city of Venice on the Italian Adriatic is one of the world’s most popular destinations. In addition to magnificent churches, museums, and palaces, it is above all the canals with their gondolas that give Venice a unique romantic charm. The city is a vast open-air museum with countless art and cultural treasures and offers a lot of culinary delicacies. Unforgettable memories are guaranteed when you choose to elope in Venice.

Vienna in Austria

Nowhere else do you feel the flair of art, intellect, and the emperors’ time as much as in Vienna. The capital of Austria enchants with its historic old town, beautiful sights and several castles. The Schoenbrunn Palace and the surrounding area, in particular, convey a romantic atmosphere that will make your elopement very special.

Castles in Ireland

There are more than 30,000 castles, ruins, and palaces in Ireland, and each one is home to centuries of history. There is something for every taste, from the simple ruins, consisting of only a few rubbles left, to magnificent, well-preserved castles and stately palaces.

Sintra in Portugal

Sintra is one of those places full of magic and mystery, where the interplay of nature and humans is a perfect symbiosis. UNESCO has even classified this unique place as a World Heritage Site.
The so-called Palace of Sorrows sits enthroned on the Serra de Sintra, surrounded by a magnificent palace garden. The unique building was erected on a ruined monastery in the middle of the 19th century and combined different architectural styles and colors. The combination of bright yellow and red shining towers, in contrast to fine mosaics, elegant arches, and white battlements, make up the beauty and romance of the castle.

Top 10 waterfalls for your wedding photos in Europe

skogafoss hochzeitsfotos


Water plays a dominant role in Iceland, the sea around the island, the geysers splashing high up, or the ice of the glaciers. But there is another spectacle that makes the island in the far north so unique – the numerous waterfalls.
The meltwater from the glaciers is constantly looking for its way to the coast, forming river beds, canyons, and waterfalls over the millennia. You can find them practically anywhere on the island. The combination of high mountains, massive glaciers, and the North Atlantic climate with cold and warm periods and atmospheric precipitation has created a unique landscape of waterfalls in Iceland. There are more than 100! Iceland is a magical place, and one part that contributes to it is the countless massive, big, small, wide, or shallow waterfalls. Some of the most beautiful and famous are the Sejalandsfossen, the Skogafoss, the Gullfoss, and one of our favorites, the Glymur waterfall.


Croatia is known for beautiful coastlines and beaches, but the country is much more than a seaside destination. Croatia is rich in breathtaking mountains, forests, and magnificent waterfalls. Particularly noteworthy are the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the Krka National Park.
The Plitvice Lakes National Park is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fantastic natural phenomenon includes 16 dazzling lakes with over 90 waterfalls of different sizes and a promenade several kilometers long. The lakes are crystal clear and are primarily known for their unique color – thanks to the mineral content of the water and sunlight during the day, the water shimmers and changes color from turquoise to green and blue.
In the Krka National Park, waterfalls pour into small emerald green ponds. It is a paradise for all nature lovers and those looking for peace and inspiration.


Many of Austria’s waterfalls are located in beautiful landscapes and nature and are easily accessible with hiking trails.
From the famous Krimml waterfalls in the Salzburger Land to the legendary Myra Falls in Lower Austria – Austria’s waterfalls are as diverse as the country itself. Sometimes the waterfalls are several hundred high meters, and sometimes the water roars over stones.
Our favorites include the Gollinger waterfall, the Wildenstein waterfall, and the Stuibenfall.


No other country in Europe offers as many spectacular waterfalls as Norway. Nobody knows precisely how many waterfalls Norway has in total. However, one can say with certainty that 8 of the 25 biggest waterfalls in the world are located here, and no other country in Europe can even come close to catching up with Norway, both in terms of the number, depth, and spectacularity of the waterfalls. Thanks to the frequent rainy weather and the cliffs rising vertically over the fjords, you will find the highest and most water-rich waterfalls in Europe. With some of them, the cascades down several steps; some are downright monumental; you can even go through the back with others!
The highest waterfall in Europe can also be found in Norway: The Mardalfossen, with a total height of 645 meters. Langfossen is the second highest waterfall in Norway at 612 meters. The seven sisters in the Geirangerfjord are among the most famous waterfalls, like the twin waterfall Låtefossen near Odda. The Steinsdalsfossen is not exceptionally high at 50 meters, but you can go over a staircase behind the waterfall. And our personal favorite is Skjervsfossen, which looks like out of a picture book.


There are also many waterfalls worth seeing in Italy.
One of the most famous is the Cascata Delle Marmore. The water masses of the Velino River plunge around 165 meters along three cascades. Dense deciduous trees cover the rocky outcrops, and the spray repeatedly creates small rainbows. It is hard to believe that this waterfall was once artificially created with the technical skill of the ancient Romans. To this day, the Cascata Delle Marmore – translated as “marble fall” – is the highest man-made waterfall in the world and offers its visitors an indescribable spectacle.
More of Italy’s most beautiful and famous waterfalls are the del Mulino in Saturnia, the Acquafraggia waterfalls, and the Dardagna waterfalls.


Germany is rich in impressive natural spectacles – one of the most impressive are the waterfalls that pour over cliffs and rocky outcrops or cascade down to the valley. They are not only beautiful to look at but are mostly also accessible through beautiful hiking trails through nature and offer a perfect combination of a leisurely hiking tour and a spectacular excursion destination.
The Triberg waterfalls, the Todtnau waterfalls, the Urach waterfall, the Röthbachfall, and the Josefsthaler waterfall are worth a visit.


When visiting Slovenia, you will experience incredible natural landscapes, deep forests, imposing mountains, enchanting lakes, crystal clear rivers, and rushing waterfalls. The more than 300 spectacular waterfalls in Slovenia are a real highlight. The Peričnik waterfall is particularly well-known. With its 52 meters, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia and is located near Kranjska Gora. Another beautiful waterfall in Slovenia is the Kozjak waterfall, also known as Slap Kozjak. This 15-meter high waterfall is located in the stunning Soca Valley. Even the hike there is more than spectacular. Past green meadows, a dizzying wooden suspension bridge, and through a deep, mystical forest with high rock walls, the path leads towards the waterfall. Once there, the falls plunge into a beautiful turquoise-blue pool enclosed by a cave. This unique and beautiful scenery would make a fantastic backdrop for your elopement in Europe.

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands offer breathtaking landscapes, spectacular nature, and hills in all imaginable facets of green.
These islands are also an extraordinary place for all waterfall lovers. The Múlafossur waterfall on the island of Vágar plunges breathtakingly deep down the cliffs into the open sea and creates a mystical scenery.


In Switzerland, there are fascinating lakes and rivers and impressive waterfalls. Among other things, the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls, is located here.
One of our favorites is the Berglistüber in the Hinterer Glarnertal. It is an imposing waterfall that is easily accessible, and what makes it so unique is that you can even stand behind the water curtain on a small path.


At Sillans-La-Cascade in Provence, you immediately get that Caribbean feeling. The water of a small river plunges into a large basin against a tropical backdrop, framed by wild vines and moss-covered rocks.
The Gavarnie Falls are the highest waterfall in France. They are located in the Cirque de Gavarnie, in the French part of the Pyrenees.
The Grande Cascade falls with a total height of 422 meters in two to three steps into the valley floor.

Top 10 Best Places for Your Elopement in Europe with Animals

Hochzeitsbilder an schönen Orten

Husky sledding in Norway

In Norway, you can go dog sledding in every part of the country. After a ride with the sled dogs, you have unforgettable memories and a new best four-legged friend.
In winter, when it gets dark early, you can even experience the northern lights during a dog sled ride with a bit of luck.

Whale watching in the Azores

In the Azores, you can observe up to 24 different species of whale, which find ideal conditions in the nutrient-rich waters. The best time to spot fin, sperm, or even blue whales is May to October. Then the marine mammals pass the archipelago, and you can see them between the islands of Pico, Sao Jorge, or Faial. On a clear day, they can even be seen from land. The best location for this is the Vigia da Queimada viewpoint near Lajes do Pico.

Horse riding along the beach in Spain

What could be more romantic than riding along the beach together at sunset? What sounds like a cheesy scene in a film is possible in many places in Europe and is an experience that can be done perfectly on your destination elopement day at the beach.

Reindeer in Finland

What could make the winter idyll at your destination elopement in Scandinavia more perfect than an encounter with reindeer?
Help feed the animals, or how about a reindeer sleigh ride?
Being pulled through a snow-covered forest on a sled is a magical experience that you will surely never forget.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride in Austria

Horse-drawn sleigh rides have a long tradition in Austria and are particularly romantic in winter. While the bells are ringing on the carriage, you drive through snow-covered forests and valleys and can enjoy the landscape cuddled up.

Mudflat hike to see seals on Borkum, Germany

Borkum offers everything you can imagine for a successful island holiday as a North Sea island. A cool breeze, a lot of sandy beaches, howling gulls, and seal banks, which offer a total of around 1,200 seals and harbor seals.

Ibex safari on Mount Pilatus in Switzerland

Experience the ibex up close on Pilatus. The daring climbers have lived on Lucerne’s local mountain for over 50 years. Watching the colony is an unforgettable and impressive experience. Local, experienced experts will tell you a lot about fauna and flora along the way, especially about the Pilatus ibex colony.

Walking with alpacas in Austria

The fluffy four-legged friends have become more and more popular in the last years and are a mega sweet companion for your walk through nature.

Polar bear watching in Svalbard

We are honest. This experience is only for the real adventurer.
The Arctic Circle is the only place in the world where these magnificent creatures, Polar bears, can be admired in their natural habitat.
The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is just 1,050 km from the North Pole and is one of the three best places on our planet to see polar bears.
During the constant daylight in the summer months from June to September, the polar bears on the Svalbard archipelago are best observed. The sun doesn’t set for up to four months, and the arctic ice slowly begins to melt. Therefore, the polar bears gather on the remaining pack ice. At this time, the area is also much easier to navigate by boat so that polar bears can be spotted more easily than in winter.

Bring your pets

There are so many fascinating wild animals, and yet our pets, whether dogs, cats, rabbits, or horses, often touch us the most. With an elopement, anything is possible. Just bring your darling with you. We have even heard of couples who let their dogs “sign” as witnesses on the marriage certificate or have the paw print engraved on the rings.

In Addition – Natural Spectacles that Make Your Elopement in Europe Even More Special

verlobungsfoto mit nordlichtern norwegen

Northern lights

There is hardly a more magical moment than watching the northern lights dance in the starry night sky. How special it must be to make your marriage vows at just such a moment.
The best chance to see the spectacular northern lights – also known as aurora borealis or polar lights – is in the countries far north in the winter months from September to April.
In Europe, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden are the best choices for observing this natural spectacle. Northern lights are created by the collision of solar wind particles with the earth’s atmosphere, making the sky shine in beautiful colors.

Glacier caves

Surrounded in a cave made of glacier ice that is thousands of years old and appears in every imaginable shade of blue, you feel like you are in another world.
When the sun’s rays fight their way through the ice of the glaciers in summer, and the meltwater flows away, new cavities form in and under the ice masses. As soon as the streams dry up in winter, the way is clear, and you can explore the fleeting beauty of the ice. The tunnels, vaults, and arches made of ice, shining in all shades of blue, are incredibly fascinating and beautiful. If you want to experience this unique marvel of nature, you should set out in winter; most glacier caves can only be entered from November to March. Iceland is particularly known for its ice caves, but there are also these unique ice vaults in the Alps, for example, in Switzerland.


Geysers are among the most spectacular natural spectacles.
It is fascinating to watch how large jets of steam and water shoot up from the ground at regular intervals.
If you want to see a geyser in Europe, you should travel to Iceland. Anyone who has already been to Iceland knows the landscape is boiling and hissing in many corners here. Whether volcanoes, hot springs, or geysers – the island far in the north has it all. The Great Geyser in the country’s south is a magnet for visitors. First mentioned in 1294, it reached the previous record height of 170 meters in 1845 and is the namesake for geysers worldwide. Not far from the Great Geyser, the geyser Strokkur is still regularly active today.


Shapely cones, deep craters, seething lava: volcanoes have fascinated people for as long as they can remember.
Many peoples used to consider the fire-breathing mountains to be the seat of their gods.
There are still numerous active volcanoes today in the north (especially in Iceland) and in the south of Europe (in Italy and Greece).
The clouds of smoke and the glowing red lava offer unique backdrops.


The alpenglow amazes us repeatedly, where the mountains are illuminated in red and orange and look as if they are on fire.
There are many beautiful vantage points in the Alps, especially when the Alps are glowing at sunrise and sunset. As magical and unreal as an alpine glow may seem, there is a pretty simple explanation behind the spectacle. The phenomenon of alpenglow describes nothing more than the play of light from sunrise and sunset. During this time of day – and with suitable light and weather conditions – the mountains are a canvas on which the sunset projects its color.

The landscapes and places in Europe are as diverse and different as the couples who decide to celebrate a wedding for two abroad.
We are happy to help you find the perfect location for your wedding.

Write us, together we will make your dream wedding a reality!

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