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8 Tips for Unique Engagement Photos 

The time before the wedding is something extraordinary. Especially when all the wedding planning gets stressful and lots of decisions need to be made, taking the time together for beautiful engagement photos is super special and a great reason to spend quality time together. The unique period of being engaged deserves to be captured in romantic couple photos. Not only will you have lovely memories of this exceptional time, but you can also use the photos perfectly for your wedding invitations or decorations. Additionally, doing an engagement photo session helps you to get used to being in front of the camera together, making the wedding photoshoot on the big day much more relaxed.

With these 8 tips for unique engagement photos, the photoshoot will become an unforgettable experience, and you’ll have images that bring you much joy.

Engagement Photos in the mountains

Choose a Meaningful Location for Your Engagement Photos

One of the most important decisions for any photoshoot is the location. The backdrop of your engagement photos significantly affects how the images turn out. Do you both love being in the mountains or regularly take walks by the lakeside? One of these locations could be the perfect spot for your photo session, adding a personal touch to the pictures. The place where you met or had your first date could also serve as a fantastic photo location. We prefer places where we can find diverse settings for your photos, such as a spot with a stunning mountain view on one side and a forest edge on the other. This gives us the option to create various engagement photos at the same location. For most couples, the engagement photoshoot is most enjoyable and relaxing when it takes place in a location with few or no other people, allowing you to focus entirely on each other without feeling observed. We know many fantastic photo locations and are happy to help you find the perfect spot for your engagement photos in nature.

sunset engagement photos in the mountains in Austria

Plan the Engagement Photoshoot at the Most Beautiful Light

Depending on the location, we always recommend scheduling engagement photos during golden hour at sunrise or sunset. The soft sunlight during these times often bathes the landscape in beautiful warm colors, and the colorful clouds in the sky add an exceptionally romantic atmosphere to the photos. Some locations may be better for daytime photos, for example, when the sun is hidden by mountains in the morning and evening or if you can only access certain areas at specific times. It’s best to discuss the ideal time for the engagement photos at your chosen location with your photographers.

PS: Photos under the starry sky can also be incredibly beautiful and romantic. Or how about engagement photos under the dancing Northern Lights in Norway?

natural engagement photos in the Austrian Alps

Turn Your Engagement Photoshoot into an Experience

Take the time together for special engagement photos and turn your couple photoshoot into an unforgettable experience. Natural photos, such as those taken during a walk, a short hike, a picnic, or a romantic boat ride on a mountain lake, are often super beautiful and more unique than perfectly posed images where you’re smiling directly into the camera. Incorporate activities you enjoy doing together into your photoshoot, and use the time to create special memories together.

Here are some ideas for activities that look great in engagement photos:

  • Dance to your favorite song.
  • Have a romantic picnic in a blooming meadow.
  • Take a leisurely walk.
  • Go on a boat ride on a mountain lake.
  • Cuddle by a campfire and make s’mores.
  • Toast with a glass of champagne or hot tea.
  • Take a bike ride together.
  • Go sledding in winter.
  • Have a snowball fight.
natural outdoor engagement photos in Vorarlberg

Make Your Outfit and Styling to Something Special

Do you have a special dress in your closet that has been waiting for the right occasion for years? An engagement photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to dress up. Whether you wear a floor-length dress and a suit, dress in traditional attire for the photoshoot, or opt for regular everyday clothing, there are no rules, and everything is allowed as long as you feel comfortable. Remember, these will be your engagement photos, and you are the only ones who need to like them. Your outfit can be creative and unique. Consider whether you’d like to have professional makeup and hairstyling. The trial session for the wedding styling can also be an excellent occasion for engagement photos, allowing you to capture the fantastic styling on photos and see how you like this look on photos.

PS: If you can’t decide, feel free to bring multiple outfits for the engagement photoshoot. For example, we can take some pictures in casual clothes and then capture some special photos in fancy attire.

sunset engagement photos in the mountains in Vorarlberg

Coordinate Your Outfits

Whether you come to the engagement photoshoot in casual or elegantly dressed attire, make sure your outfits complement each other. Choosing colors that harmonize and dress in a similar style is best. Avoid outfits in neon colors, as well as tops with large prints or conspicuous patterns, as these can often distract from the couple.

engagement ring

Bring Accessories to make the Photoshoot more unique and personal.

Accessories can make engagement photos more vibrant and liven up the photoshoot. Engagement rings, a Save-The-Date card, or accessories like flowers, hats, or a bottle of champagne for toasting can be creatively incorporated into the pictures, making them even more personal.

romantic couple photos during golden hour in the mountains

Trust Your Engagement Photographer

You’ve undoubtedly put thought into who to book for your engagement photoshoot, selecting photographers whose images and style you admire. Trust that they can capture equally fantastic photos of you as shown in their portfolio. Even if you have no experience in front of the camera, we can guide you with simple instructions and tips on how to move together, ensuring you get beautiful and romantic couple photos that showcase your best side. We know exactly what to consider when choosing the location and the best time for the engagement photos, and we’re happy to provide tips for your perfect outfit. The photos turn out best when you fully trust us, remain relaxed, and simply enjoy the time together as a couple.

golden hour engagement photos in Austria

Have Fun

It will reflect in the photos if you feel comfortable, have a great time together, and fully enjoy the moments. So relax, enjoy these beautiful moments together, and look forward to stunning engagement photos.

If you’re also excited about unique engagement photos, message us. We look forward to planning a fantastic photoshoot with you and capturing your love story in photos.

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