Sunset wedding photos in the alps on a mountain in austria

10 Reasons for After Wedding Photos

More and more couples decide to do an extraordinary and unique couple photo session before or after their wedding day. We get so excited about every message we get about after-wedding photos, these sessions are always so much fun, and the images we create together are every time super special and epic.

You can read about the benefits and a few of the many reasons why it might be a great idea to do an after-wedding photo session in this blog post.

10 Reasons for After Wedding Photos

hochzeitsfotos im montafon in vorarlberg

1. Epic wedding photos in your dream location

You are dreaming of wedding photos on the top of a mountain, in front of a roaring waterfall, or in the middle of a blooming sunflower field? Yippiyeah! We love to photograph in extraordinary places and even specialized in wedding photos in fascinating landscapes in nature. We can go wherever you want for your after-wedding session. We can hike to the top of a mountain, paddle to a lonely island in a canoe, take a jeep to a hut in the Alps, or fly with a helicopter to the exact spot you want to have as a backdrop for your wedding photos. Often there is not enough time on the actual wedding day to drive far, and it is easiest to do the bridal couple portraits somewhere near the wedding location. If you decide to do an after-wedding session, everything is possible, we can do a wedding photo session in your favorite landscape, and you will get all the photos you dream of!

skogafoss hochzeitsfotos

2. We have all the time we need.

On your wedding day, you will have one memorable moment after another, and between all the things on your list, there is often not much time left for a relaxed photo session. Of course, you can get some beautiful shots in half an hour or even in 10 minutes, and I would highly recommend always do a quick portrait session on your wedding day. Everyone should have a few couple photos with the special magic of this special day. If you decide to do an after wedding photo session, you can take as much time as you want and create stunning photos in a relaxed atmosphere.

Elopement Fotos bei Sonnenuntergang

3. You will get photos in the most beautiful light!

The perfect light makes a photo even more special and unique, and we think that couple photos look most romantic in the golden light of a sunset or sunrise. Which time of the day is best depends on the location. Sometimes it isn’t easy to plan the photo session on your wedding day for the time with the most beautiful light. At your after wedding session, we can make the timeline entirely around the light and make sure that you get the wedding photos with exactly the mood you like most. This will make your photos even more unique and personal.

hochzeitsfotograf island

4. Decide which weather fits your wedding photos!

Most couples dream about a bright blue sky, warm temperatures, and a golden sunset on their wedding day. Personally, we do like rainy wedding days, the mood on foggy days, when it is snowing or with special clouds is always beautiful for photos. But if it is raining cats and dogs, and it’s muddy and cold, we usually have to take the wedding photos inside. Most couples don’t want to get dirty or wet on their wedding day, and we understand that! By your after wedding photo session, we are super flexible and can reschedule it until the weather is perfect and just how you want it.

hochzeitsfotos am diedamskopf in Vorarlberg

5. Your big appearance lies behind you.

When the bridal couple photo session is before the ceremony, couples are often nervous, and we have to be careful that the dress stays clean. The suit doesn’t get any wrinkles because, of course, you want to look perfect when your guests see you for the first time.
A photo session in nature is just more relaxed and fun when you can run over the field, sit on stones, and don’t have to think if anything could get dirty or wrinkly. And even if you don’t care about that on your wedding day either, the mood is always way more relaxed when your big entrance lies behind you.

lofoten sommer

6. Give your wedding memories a revival.

Everyone married will agree with me that your wedding day will go by so fast. After weeks of planning and preparations, suddenly everything is over. It is a beautiful feeling that you can put on your wedding attire again and wallow in the memories of your wedding day together. It is also a great idea to celebrate your anniversary with an after wedding photo session.

hochzeitsfotograf bregenz

7. You don’t have to decide on one styling.

You think open hair and a flower crown look amazing, but on your wedding day, you prefer to have a classic pinned-up hairstyle, or you wish you could wear your favorite hat but are afraid that it looks funny in the church. If you do an After Wedding Photo session, you can have a different hairstyle, other accessories, or you could even wear a different dress. So you can get wedding photos in two different styles and have even more options to choose from.

blumenkranz für hochzeit

8. Your dream of a destination wedding…

Many couples told me that they always dreamed of a beach ceremony, an adventurous elopement in Iceland, or they wanted to ride on camels in the desert in their wedding dress. Still, in the end, they decided to celebrate their wedding day at home with their families. An After Wedding Photo session is a great idea for everyone who wants to make the dream of wedding photos in their favorite destination reality without getting married there. Just bring your wedding clothes on your honeymoon and do another bridal couple photo session there. Of course, it is not the same that a ceremony at the beach, but at least you will have stunning wedding photos in the landscape you dream of.

marokko hochzeit wüste

9. You can have wedding photos from your favorite photographer, even if he is not available on your wedding day.

No photographer likes to turn down a couple, but unfortunately, we can photograph just one wedding a day, and the popular dates are often booked long in advance. If you still want to have wedding photos in your favorite wedding photographer’s style, book after wedding photos and create pictures in the style, you like most.

boho hochzeit

10. You can include your pets, motorcycles, horses, etc.

Every year some couples tell me how rad it would be to take photos with their cats, dogs, bikes, etc. Often it is complicated to create these pictures on your wedding day because it is not possible to bring your horse to the wedding location, the chances are too high that your dress gets dirty, etc.

For your after wedding session, we can plan everything around your wishes. If you would like to ride your bike, cuddle with your cat or jump on the trampoline, everything is possible. We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

brautpaarshooting im schnee diedamskopf

If you would like to do an after wedding photo session in nature,

Please send us a message and let us create stunning photos together!

If you want to get more inspiration, have a look at

The unique after wedding session from Anna & Alex in the Austrian Mountains

Or the beautiful photos we took during Anjuli & Johannes` honeymoon in Iceland.

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