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International Mountain Wedding Photos in Austria

Two special women whose unique love story connects them and dreamy locations for their mountain wedding photos in Austria can only result in something magnificent when combined. 

When Mrittika & Viktoria reached out to us and shared their wedding plans, we knew that this day would be something truly extraordinary. These two women have experienced so much together, growing up in different countries and cultures, and moving together from Asia to Europe. This unique journey is reflected in their wedding photos in the mountains in Vorarlberg.

I love how they managed to incorporate the different cultures of Victoria’s homeland here in Austria and Mrittika’s roots in India. They infused so much of their personality through small details into their outfits and the entire wedding experience.

Breakfast Picnic to start the International Mountain Wedding Photos in Austria

We started the morning with a gondola ride up into the mountains. Arriving at the location by the mountain lake, we found a quiet spot, and the two women enjoyed the first rays of the day during a relaxed breakfast picnic.

Refreshed, we then took a stroll along the lake, where we encountered picturesque scenes for mountain wedding photos in Austria. The sunlight sparkled on the turquoise water of the mountain lake, flowers bloomed in the meadows, and amidst this unique mountain backdrop, Mrittika and Victoria beamed at each other, living each moment to the fullest.

International Mountain Wedding Photos in Austria at Sunset

After the enchanting morning by the lake, we took a break and reconvened in the evening to watch the sunset from a mountain peak in the Bregenzerwald. The two women had chosen very special outfits for the second part of their mountain wedding photos in Austria. They dressed in traditional Indian attire, but in the white color that is typical for weddings in Austria.

By the time we reached the mountain peak, the sun was just about to set. Its golden rays created a dreamy light atmosphere, and the impressive panorama provided a perfect backdrop for the wedding photos in the mountains in Vorarlberg. Capturing Mrittika and Victoria in their dreamy wedding outfits at sunset on the mountain peak was truly something special. The last rays of the day illuminated the traditional jewelry and created a magical atmosphere.

And Mrittika and Victoria will surely never forget these moments amidst nature. Hand in hand, they watched the spectacle as the sun slowly disappeared behind Lake Constance and the sky’s colors changed from minute to minute. We stayed on the summit until the last rays of sunlight disappeared and dusk began to settle in.
As it got dark, we made our way back down to the valley, where the civil wedding of Mrittika & Victoria took place the following day.

We love capturing mountain wedding photos in Austria and are always grateful to live in such a beautiful place. There are countless dreamy locations perfect for unique wedding photos. Whether mountain peaks, waterfalls, blooming meadows, shimmering lakes, or striking rocks, the variety of stunning landscapes is impressive, and we are happy to help you find the perfect spot for your wedding photos in the mountains in Vorarlberg. Send us a message, and let’s plan a great experience together.

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