Sunrise photo shooting in the Austrian Alps

Mountain Sunrise Couple Photos in Austria

I love the early morning hours when everything is quiet, and the horizon in the distance is slowly getting brighter before a mountain sunrise. Especially in the alps, everything is still calm at this time, and you can watch nature slowly wake up. When the sky starts to shine in the most beautiful colors,
and the first rays of sun appear from behind the mountain peaks, the atmosphere is always somehow magical.


paarfotos in den bergencouple photos in the mountains

 I love to watch the sunrise in the mountains. And it is even better when I get to photograph a lovely couple or create wedding photos at this particular time of day. But it always takes a bit of an effort to set the alarm that early and leave the house in the dark. This makes me even more excited
when couples trust us enough to get ready for a mountain sunrise photoshoot in the middle of the night.

Michelle and Nicolas were on vacation in the Bregenzerwald this weekend. And Nicolas had the great idea to surprise Michelle
with a couple photoshoot at sunrise in the mountains for their first wedding anniversary.

We were looking forward to the photoshoot with the two of them. Michelle and Nicolas run the Ländlewedding platform together,
from which I have known them for a long time.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for inspiration for weddings in Vorarlberg, you should have a look at their website. 🙂

Mountain Sunrise Couple Photos in Austria

Early in the morning (or rather in the middle of the night), we picked them up at their hotel and drove into the mountains together.
We started a short hike to the location, that we had chosen to watch the sunrise in the mountains together, from the Furkapass.
You could already see the first golden light of the day on the horizon when we started the mountain sunrise photoshoot. Shortly afterward,
the alpenglow on the surrounding peaks created a breathtaking atmosphere, which provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s anniversary photos.

When the first warm rays of sunshine bathed the landscape in golden light, the atmosphere was simply breathtaking.
I love turning photo shoots into memorable experiences for couples. Moments like this, when you experience such an incredible mountain sunrise together or cuddle close to each other to get warm and watch the natural spectacle, the emotions always make the photos so unique for me.
Of course, the stunning backdrop in Vorarlberg’s mountains makes the whole thing even more impressive.

In daylight, we could see all the blooming alpine roses and cotton grass around us, making the alpine landscape even more beautiful at this time of the year.

Together we explored the area and had a lot of fun during the anniversary photoshoot.
The best thing about this job is that such days often feel like a great time with friends instead of work;)

Michelle had brought a cool leather jacket with her, which she had made especially for her wedding but didn’t get to wear it that day.
The wedding anniversary photoshoot was the perfect occasion to get the jacket out of the closet.

I think a wedding anniversary photoshoot is a perfect way to celebrate this day. You spend a great time together
and get great photos that will always remind you of it again. And I think it has to be so beautiful, in many years,
when you look back at all the images you took during all the years of your marriage together. When you have pictures that document how you have grown together, developing your relationship and how unique the love between you is, it will always be so lovely to look at and remember all the beautiful moments.
Not only for you but also for your children and grandchildren.

If you now feel like a photoshoot at sunrise in the mountains, write us a message. We look forward to capturing unique moments in photos with you.

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