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Multi-day Elopement on the Lofoten Islands

Norway Elopement

When we visited the Lofoten Islands for the first time, we fell in love with this place above the polar circle from the first moment. We have been fascinated by the unique landscape. Since then, we have traveled back to the archipelago in northern Norway many times, and each time we have fallen in love with this place all over again. The striking mountains rising from the turquoise-blue waters of the fjords contrast with the almost tropical-looking white sand beaches, meadows full of wildflowers, and hills dotted with blueberries as far as you can look. The colorful fishermen’s cottages called Rorbuer, which you can rent in many places for overnight stays, give you the feeling of being in the middle of a picture book.

When we read the first message from C&J, we did a happy dance and couldn’t wait to photograph their Norway Elopement.
We knew right away that this day would be so special and an unforgettable experience. 
The two saw the photos we took of Daria & David on the Lofoten Islands in Norway (you can see the blog post here) and immediately fell in love with the pictures. They knew their wedding should take place in this breathtaking landscape. Surrounded by mountain peaks overlooking the fjords and the wild nature of Norway.

Over the next few months, we planned an adventurous elopement on the  Lofoten Islands together, which was exactly how they envisioned it.
When we finally met each other for their Norway Elopement, it felt like we were meeting old friends. After the joint preparations for an elopement, you often have the feeling that you have known each other for a long time.
On the first day of their Elopement on the Lofoten Islands, the two had chosen to do a unique activity together. 
They explored the sandy beaches, fields, and coasts along the Island from the back of two horses. The guided horseback riding tour was really a special experience. They got to learn about the landscape and nature of Norway and had a lot of fun.

The next day we met at the start of a hike for the highlight of the Norway Elopement on the Lofoten Islands. A personal wedding ceremony on the mountaintop.

The day was exceptionally warm for the area. Over 20°C and a bright blue sky awaited us. With this fantastic view, we started the ascent. Along the way, we stopped again and again to admire the impressive landscape. After every curve, the view changed and became more and more beautiful with every meter of altitude.

The special thing about this hike is that you can only see the most impressive view from the summit, and when you get to the top, you are rewarded with a 360° fjord & mountain landscape. While we had shown C&J photos of the place when planning their Norway Elopement, we were keen to capture their reaction when they first saw the view with their own eyes.

Do you know that feeling when you’ve already seen 100 photos of a place, but it is even more breathtaking in reality? That’s exactly how they both felt. Seeing how their eyes lit up and how they couldn’t stop grinning when they reached the location of their Elopement on the Lofoten Islands was so lovely.

Here, in the middle of the beautiful landscape of Norway, the two got ready for their wedding ceremony. Once both were dressed, it was time for the first look.

The moment when a bridal couple sees each other in their wedding outfit for the first time is always unique.
At this moment, there are only the two of them. It is always special for us to capture such emotional and unforgettable moments for our couples in photos.

The 360° view from the top of the mountain provided plenty of beautiful backdrops for unique wedding photos. C&J explored the different places around us together, took in the views, and enjoyed every second they spent together in this wonderful place. We love that during their Elopement on the Lofoten Islands, they had so many meaningful moments, and you could feel their deep connection to each other. 

Elopement Ceremony at the Norway Elopement on the Lofoten Islands

As the sun got lower, we got ready for the ceremony. The two had written personal marriage vows, which they read to each other, surrounded by the fjords and mountains of Norway. That moment was so emotional and beautiful.
What we found so beautiful about this Elopement in Lofoten is that the two completely embraced every moment. The day was filled with love and emotions, and it was so lovely to see how much they enjoyed the whole experience. 

After the elopement ceremony, we used the golden evening light of the setting sun for wedding photos. Watching the sunset on the horizon over the sea is always mesmerizing, and the mountain backdrop we were in made the whole spectacle even more breathtakingly beautiful.

When the sun was gone, C&J popped a bottle of champagne in the last light of the day. They toast to their dream elopement on the Lofoten Islands and the future together. 

wedding experience on the Lofoten

As we made our descent, we were accompanied by the light of the moon, and the golden streak of dawn on the horizon made even the last glimpse of this special landscape that evening even more special.

Sonnenuntergang Lofoten Elopement

What J&C say about working with us: 

Victoria and Fabian photographed our Elopement in Norway. Words cannot express our gratitude to both of them. They went above and beyond, with careful consideration every step of the process from the beginning of the hike and posing for shots. They not only took amazing pictures, they helped us plan/coordinate our trip and kept in constant contact/communication with us. Victoria and Fabian were always quick to answer any questions we had and provided solutions.We are from the US, with little knowledge of Norway- We received support by coordinating flights/lodging/hikes to ensure our trip would be memorable. The quality of the pictures was absolutely stunning.! The scenery was captured in ways our eyes and memories could not re-imagine. We were captured perfectly in our element.-Our love for one another and joy and happiness felt. Neither my wife or I feel comfortable having photos taken, however both Victoria and Fabian made us feel so at ease the entire time. It was truly the best day of our lives and we are so happy to have such amazing photographs to cherish forever!

Are you also dreaming of an elopement on the Lofoten Islands? 

Write us a message via our contact form. We would love to help you make that dream of a Norway Elopement a reality and capture all the special moments of your wedding day in beautiful photos.

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