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Dolomites Elopement

Destination Wedding in Italy / Europe

Impressive rock formations and turquoise blue mountain lakes make the Dolomites in Italy a dream destination for every nature lover.
The breathtaking landscape is also the perfect location for a Dolomites Elopement or a destination wedding in Italy.
When Marina and Paul started to plan their wedding, they quickly realized that they wanted to say I do in the middle of the mountains in the Italien Dolomites. 

After our first video call with them, we know this Elopement in the Dolomites will be an awesome and unforgettable experience.
For the perfect location, no way was too far for the adventurous couple from Finland. 

We met early in the morning to hike to a special place for their elopement ceremony.
Countless stars sparkled from the night sky above us, and the valley was covered in thick fog, which made us feel as if we were wandering between clouds and the sky. To experience this silence is always an excellent start for your Dolomites Elopement. It is always so special to hike in while it is still dark and when everyone else is still asleep. 

When we arrived at the ceremony location, it started to dawn, and we could see the imposing mountains around us. Marina and Paul got ready for their wedding in Italy in the middle of this stunning landscape. 

First Look in the Italian Mountains

Just in time, when the first Alpenglow let the peaks around us shine in a bright orange color, Marina was ready to walk toward Paul in her stunning wedding dress. Paul was already excitedly waiting for her. The First Look, the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time in their wedding outfits, is always super emotional and special. This is often the moment when both of them realize it is really happening. We are standing in the middle of the mountains and celebrating our Dolomites’ Elopement in Italy! 

This breathtaking location in the Dolomites made this moment even more magical for Marina and Paul. Surrounded by Alpenglow, above the fog that was still covering the valleys, their wedding ceremony could begin. 

Dolomites Elopement – Sunrise Ceremony

Paul himself had built a wedding arch out of wood, which he had brought all the way from Finland to here in the Italian Dolomites. Decorated with arrangements of dried flowers, the wedding arch blended perfectly into the landscape. I couldn’t imagine a more stunning place for their Dolomites Elopement.

A good friend of the two had traveled with them to be their officiant for their elopement ceremony in Italy. In the soft morning light, Marina and Paul exchanged their vows. They exchanged rings, did a handfasting ceremony, and said yes to each other from the bottom of their hearts. In the middle of their wedding, the first rays of sunshine came over the mountain peaks and covered them in warm sunlight. Marina and Paul will probably remember this moment for the rest of their lives.

Sonnenaufgang in den Dolomiten

After the wedding ceremony, we used the beautiful morning light and the fantastic scenery for beautiful wedding photos in the Dolomites. The unique rock formations offer countless places that are perfect as photo locations for your destination wedding in Italy.

Romantic Picnic dring the Elopement in the Dolomites

After the photo session, Marina and Paul enjoyed the morning sun with a delicious breakfast picnic. They opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate their Elopement and their love.

Before we packed everything together to leave for the next location, the beautiful wedding couple popped the corks again in front of their stunning wedding arch and said goodbye to this place with a first dance as a married couple.

Then we made our way back to the parking lot. We stopped at all the beautiful places along the way to take wedding photos in the dreamlike scenery.

Wedding Photos at Lago di Braies

Our next stop was a very special mountain lake. The Lago di Braies can hardly be surpassed in its beauty and is a unique location for an elopement in the Dolomites. The turquoise-blue water in the middle of the mountain peaks is breathtaking every time.

We rented a small wooden boat and explored this special place from the water. The sun shone down from the cloudless blue sky and perfectly brought out the extraordinary color of the water. In the middle of this magical landscape, Marina and Paul enjoyed their destination wedding in Italy and let themselves drift comfortably over the water. The perfect end to this beautiful Elopement in the Dolomites.

Lago di Braies Elopement - Italy Wedding Photographer

If you would like to celebrate an Elopement in the Dolomites, send us a message using our contact form.

We look forward to helping you make this dream come true, plan an unforgettable wedding experience with you, and capture all the unique moments in photos.

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