adventurous ski elopement in Lech am Arlberg

Ski Elopement in Lech am Arlberg

Adventurous Winter Wedding in the Austrian Alps

Amidst the snowy mountains, Kelly and Halsey, an adventurous couple from the USA, exchanged their wedding vows. The decision to celebrate a romantic ski elopement in Lech am Arlberg was made just two weeks before the big day. When you see all the personal details they incorporated into their adventurous winter wedding in the Austrian Alps and how perfect the entire day was, you can see how amazing a spontaneous wedding can be. This day perfectly proves that an unforgettable wedding experience doesn’t require years of planning.

winter elopement in the snowy mountains

Originally, the couple planned a big traditional wedding back home in the USA. However, during the planning process, they realized that the classic wedding celebration did not align with their adventurous lifestyle. It felt more like a show and performance for the guests. Without hesitation, they decided to scrap the entire plan and instead elope in the mountains, just the two of them. They both love winter, skiing, snowboarding, exploring snowy mountains, and discovering new places together during their travels. They had heard about the fantastic ski area around Lech am Arlberg and knew that even in early April, they had a high chance of encountering good snow conditions in the Austrian Alps.

So, they spontaneously booked a flight to Austria and planned an adventurous ski elopement in Lech am Arlberg in a very short time, just for the two of them. This intimate ceremony promised to be as exciting as their previous adventures.

It began to snow heavily the night before their winter wedding in the mountains. When Kelly and Halsey woke up on the morning of their elopement day, Lech was covered in a thick blanket of snow, and the surroundings sparkled in glistening white. Our journey to them took us through snowy roads and winding paths, but the anticipation of this adventurous ski elopement in the mountains dispelled any chill.

The “Getting Ready” took place in a panoramic suite at the Goldener Berg Hotel in Oberlech, offering a breathtaking view of the majestic mountain landscape. Bibi Rhomberg styled Kelly for her dreamy winter wedding in the snow, while Halsey dressed in a stylish wedding suit.

Outside the hotel entrance, the ski slope began, and the freshly snow-covered landscape provided a wonderful backdrop for the First Look. The moment Kelly and Halsey saw each other for the first time in their complete wedding attire was full of pure emotion and anticipation.

You could feel how happy they were to have chosen an adventurous winter elopement in the mountains, celebrating a wedding day that truly made them happy, just the two of them in the snowy Alps.

After the first photos in the snow, Kelly changed into another outfit. A shorter wedding dress gave her more freedom of movement on the snowboard, which she needed to get to the next location of the day. The couple put on snowboard boots and ski boots. Equipped with skis and a snowboard, we headed to the ski lift. From there, they took a chairlift to the ski hut “Der Wolf,” where they fortified themselves with a delicious lunch before their ceremony. Kelly put on her long wedding dress again and complemented the outfit with white winter boots.

Together, they hiked through the snowy landscape and even trudged through the snow off the beaten paths to find the perfect spot for their wedding vows. By now, the snowing had stopped, and the impressive mountain scenery presented itself in full glory. Amid this breathtaking landscape, they exchanged their vows and rings. 

The newlyweds then popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated their love. We captured these magical moments of their adventurous winter wedding in the mountains in special photos so that they can remember this unforgettable day forever.

After the ceremony, they returned to the ski hut “Der Wolf,” where all the skiers congratulated the couple and expressed their warm wishes. They enjoyed a wedding cake on the panoramic terrace with a stunning view of the snow-covered Alps.

Ski Elopement in Lech am Arlberg

Afterward, they strapped on their ski and snowboard gear again and descended the slopes together. Winter sports are among their absolute favorite activities, and these descents through the fresh snow were a highlight of the adventurous winter wedding in the Austrian Alps. It was beautiful to see how the couple beamed from ear to ear, thoroughly enjoying the ski elopement in Lech am Arlberg.

After a few descents, Kelly decided to change into her third wedding outfit. This sparkling jumpsuit not only looked super cool but also provided more freedom of movement for snowboarding.

As the ski lifts closed, they warmed up in the hotel before taking an evening stroll to a snowy forest near the hotel to conclude the wedding day with couple photos in the evening light. With an elegant cape, Kelly looked like a snow queen from a fairy tale, and the wintry setting gave the photos a magical atmosphere.

Kelly and Halsey’s ski elopement in Lech am Arlberg was an unforgettable experience filled with love, adventure, and breathtaking landscapes. They proved that you don’t need a big traditional party to properly celebrate your love and that you can plan a wedding day within a few days that truly makes you happy, is full of personal details and adventurous activities, memories they will cherish forever. We are sure they will remember this day with a smile on their faces for many years.

What Kelly & Halsey say about working with us:

Victoria & Fabian made our elopement a dream come true, and we could not think of a better way to capture the day in Lech Austria! They are incredibly professional, accommodating and personable. They are very well connected in the area and introduced us with multiple resources such as flower options, hair/make options, cake options, restaurants ect. We were so lucky to have found a couple that works so well together and is so talented at capturing all of the special moments throughout the day. They went above and beyond and even picked up our flowers on the way to our wedding.Their work is exceptional, and I would highly recommend them.

Many thanks to the fantastic team that made it possible for us to experience this dreamy winter wedding with Kelly & Halsey so spontaneous:

Photos and Planning: Wild Embrace

Accommodation: Hotel Goldener Berg

Styling: Bibi Rhomberg

Flowers: Dada Flower Boutique 

Bridal-Outfits: Show Me Your Mumu

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