Villa Maund Hochzeit

Villa Maund Wedding

Getting Married at Villa Maund in Vorarlberg

Looking for the perfect wedding location for their free wedding ceremony in nature, Stephie & Dominik came across the Villa Maund in Vorarlberg. The old hunting villa is located in the middle of the countryside of Austria. The grounds on a hill in Schoppernau are surrounded by mountains and trees and are the perfect location for an outdoor wedding. The historic rooms in the old Villa Maund create a unique ambiance for your wedding. Fortunately, the weather report also looked great, and nothing stood in the way of their dream wedding in the mountains.

Getting Ready for the Villa Maund Wedding

On the upper floor of Villa Maund, historically furnished rooms are perfect for getting ready on the wedding day.
In a noble bedroom, Stephie got her bridal makeup from Claudia Moosbrugger, and her maid of honor did her hair.

Meanwhile, Dominik made the final preparations for the free wedding ceremony with his groomsmen.

Then Dominik went to one of the upper floor rooms to get ready for the wedding. His wedding suit comes from Lunardi, as does Stephie’s dress, so the two outfits were perfectly coordinated.

When Stephie was ready with her styling, she was finally allowed to slip into her beautiful Willowby Watters wedding dress. The moment the bride sees herself completely styled in her wedding dress for the first time is always very special, and with the big old mirror in the Villa Maund, this moment was even more unique.

First Look in the Historical Villa Maund

Dominik was already waiting in the foyer while Stephie gracefully came down the stairs. Then the moment finally arrived, Dominik turned to his bride, and they could fully enjoy this moment.
We recommend every couple to do a first look. When you know your partner is very close, and the tension increases with every second until you finally see each other in your wedding outfit, these moments are always extraordinary.

Private Vow Exchange in Nature

The two have written personal marriage vows, and they wanted to have the moment they read each other for the first time all to themselves and experience without guests.
For this particular moment, we have discovered a great place very close to Villa Maund, which is perfect for it. You have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains and a large waterfall in the distance from that place. When we got there, the two of them exchanged their marriage vows, and each read them.

Then Stephie and Dominik drove back down to the valley with Victoria to greet the guests. Fabian stayed at Villa Maund and captured the imposing backdrop of the wedding location with some drone photos from above.

Adventures Arrival at Villa Maund

When all the guests had arrived at the meeting point, the orange village train picked them up, and they all drove up to Villa Maund. The village train is a disguised tractor with trailers that look like train wagons.
 Fabian placed himself a bit along the way to take pictures of the passing train. Victoria drove with the train to take photos of the bride and groom and the guests during the journey.

Wedding Ceremony by the Villa Maund Wedding

Once at the top, everyone was enthusiastic about the adventurous drive through the idyllic landscape of the Bregenz Forest and up the winding goods path from Schoppernau to Villa Maund.
As soon as all the guests were seated, the wedding began. It was so lovely when Dominik & Stephie came down the aisle between the guests to take a seat in front of the Traubogen, which was decorated with beautiful flowers from the Sennhus flower shop. At every wedding, there is a moment when you can see that the bride and groom have just realized that the time has finally come and that this is THEIR WEDDING DAY. Sometimes that happens with the first look, sometimes when the parents blink away the first tears of joy when they see the bride in her dress, and quite often, as on this day, when the music starts, all the guests wait with anticipation for the bride and groom, and you take these first steps to the wedding ceremony.

The wedding speaker is the best friend of the bride and groom, so the wedding was very special because you noticed how well he knows the two of them and what he has already experienced with them. He made the wedding very personal and told some funny anecdotes from the lives of Stephie and Dominik, which made not only the two of them but all the guests laugh.

After the touching wedding ceremony, the bride and groom also said a few words to transfer from the official part to the celebration directly. Since all the guests had already congratulated them after the civil wedding a year ago, they wanted to skip this part of the wedding in Villa Maund. Therefore they explained in their short speech the further plan for the evening, thanked everyone who supported them in the preparations for the wedding, and then toasted with the guests.

Wedding Photos in the Mountains

While the guests were busy with the lawn games, which were provided by Liebeleih for the entertainment during the agape, enjoying the champagne and the dreamy setting, we went back to the place where Stephie and Dominik had read their marriage vows to take photos of the newlyweds there. Now that the most exciting part was over, they could admire the incredible view again in peace and enjoy the first moments as a newly married couple away from the hustle and bustle. At the same time, we captured those first moments as a husband and wife for the two of them in photos. On the way back through the forest to Villa Maund, Stephie and Dominik used the opportunity to practice the figures they wanted to make in the first dance again.

Wedding at Villa Maund

When we were back with the guests, everyone got the opportunity to view the inside of the historical building of Villa Maund, built in the 1890s. Then the delicious wedding menu was served.

Wedding Party at Villa Maund

After dinner, everyone was excited about the opening dance.
Stephie and Dominik have rehearsed a choreography especially for this, and it was worth practicing. The guests cheered and were impressed by the unique dance steps and figures. After that, the atmosphere was great, and the party started. The DJ from “Lutt und Lässig” did his job so well that the dance floor was always full.
A delicious cake buffet was set up next to the dance floor, which everyone could help themselves when they needed a break.
Stephie and Dominik ended their dream wedding in the Villa Maund with a fantastic party until late at night.

After Wedding Photos during Sunset

A few days later, we met again for an after-wedding photoshoot in the mountains.
Stephie & Domik wanted wedding photos with their dog. A bridal couple photoshoot after the wedding is the perfect opportunity to include your pets in the pictures. The wedding itself would have been too much excitement for the little one, and so we were able to take some more photos in a relaxed atmosphere with the whole little family. After-wedding sessions also have a significant benefit: they can be taken precisely when the light is perfect. Especially during sunrise and sunset, the photos are always more unique.
Shortly before the sun went down, we drove with Stephie and Dominik to one of our favorite places in Vorarlberg to take extraordinary wedding photos.