Elopement with family in the austrian mountains


Elopement with Family in Austria 

Many couples dream of an elopement wedding while also wishing to have their family and closest friends present on this special day. The good news is that it is entirely possible to celebrate an elopement with family in the Austrian mountains. We recommend starting the planning process early and involving the people you want to include in your elopement right from the beginning. Especially if you plan to marry abroad, it’s helpful if your loved ones have enough time to take a few days off or even plan a vacation near your elopement location.

Katie and Tyler chose to celebrate their elopement wedding with family in Austria. Both share a deep love for the mountains and wanted to spend their special day amidst the majestic Alps. In addition to their parents and siblings, they also wanted to have their grandparents with them. Since Katie and Tyler are passionate hikers and envisioned celebrating their wedding day on a mountain summit, they needed to find a solution that would involve their family while also allowing them some private time.


We considered various locations, and after thorough research, we found the perfect spot that met all their desires. We assisted them in creating a detailed timeline to ensure they could relax and have enough time for everything.

The journey began with a picturesque drive along a narrow mountain road. Upon reaching the parking lot, Katie and Tyler experienced their “First Look” in the breathtaking backdrop of the Austrian Alps, while their families also gathered at the meeting point.

Subsequently, everyone walked together to the place where the wedding ceremony would take place. This location was easily accessible for the grandparents and offered a stunning mountain backdrop.

Elopement with Family in Austria

After a brief break at the site, the elopement wedding ceremony with family in the Austrian mountains commenced. A family member officiated the non-traditional ceremony, adding a highly personal touch to the occasion. Additionally, Katie’s sister shared touching stories about the couple.

Following the ceremony, there families bring toasts to the newlyweds, and heartfelt speeches. We took beautiful family photos before the family bid farewell and began their return journey.

During the moments when Katie and Tyler were alone, they savored the tranquility in their hammock and later shared a romantic picnic for two on a rock.

With renewed energy, we embarked on a hike towards the summit. Along the way, we took frequent breaks to relish the breathtaking mountain scenery and capture photos against the various mesmerizing backdrops.

Upon reaching the summit, Katie and Tyler read their personal vows to each other as the sunset created a dreamy atmosphere in the background. They chose to keep this special moment private, reading their vows alone on the mountain summit. Thanks to the well-planned timeline, the unique lighting just before sunset made this unforgettable moment even more extraordinary.

After this touching moment, they inscribed their names in the summit book, a record of their journey as newlyweds in the Austrian mountains. We took many more wonderful photos in the best lighting of the day, and Katie and Tyler beamed with enthusiasm at the breathtaking view of Austria’s mountains.

As darkness gradually descended, we made our way back to the parking lot together.

Katie and Tyler’s story illustrates that it is possible to celebrate an elopement wedding with family in the Austrian mountains while also savoring precious moments as a couple. We are here to support you in planning your dream wedding and creating an unforgettable experience for you and your family. Simply drop us a message, and let’s plan a day that fills you with joy and celebrates your love in a way that’s uniquely you.

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