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Everything you need to know about your Norway Elopement in 2023

We fell in love with Norway from the first moment we spent here, and every day we are in Scandinavia, we get more enthusiastic about this country in the north of Europe. Untouched nature, fascinating wildlife, interesting culture, and its unique architecture are just a few things that make Norway one of the best elopement locations worldwide.
Just imagine saying your vows under the midnight sun, doing your first dance while the northern lights accompany you in the starlight night sky, or exchanging your rings in front of one of the countless picturesque waterfalls. There are endless options to make your Norway Elopement an unforgettable experience.
Whether you want a relaxed day or the adventure of your lifetime, Norway has it all!
Keep reading the guide below to learn everything you need to know about planning your elopement in Norway.

Top Reasons to Elope in Norway

If you are still looking for an elopement location, here are some reasons Norway should be on the top of your list.

039 adventure elopement wedding lofoten norway

Breathtaking landscapes

Towering mountains that are stroking up from the turquoise blue fjords, roaring waterfalls, steep cliffs, endless colorful forests, idyllic lakes that reflect the landscape around you, white sand beaches, and canyons, glaciers, flower fields, and hills full of blueberries – Norway is every nature lover’s dream, even if you stay on the road, you will be impressed by the sheer beauty of the landscapes around you, and the views from the mountains are simply breathtaking. The landscapes are so diverse, and we are sure there is a perfect location for your Norway elopement!

Get married on the lofoten

Nature spectacles

Watching the northern lights dancing over the sky and the faint colors reflecting in the fjords is truly magical and an unforgettable experience

While you usually can only see the northern lights in the winter months from September to April, another spectacle is waiting for you in summer. The midnight sun provides 24 hours of sunlight and hour-long sunset and sunrise light. Watching how the sun barely touches the horizon in the middle of the night is truly special. 

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Fascinating Wildlife

Norway is well known for its wildlife.
Over 300 different birds are attracting bird watchers from all over the world.
You can see the last wild musk—ox from Europe, here in Norway.
Along the 2.650 km long coastline, you can find whales, dolphins, and seals.
And, of course, there are countless reindeer, and if you are lucky, you will also be able to encounter elks. These are just some animals you can find in the Nordic country. The untouched nature is home to countless wild animals!


Picturesque Architecture

Have you ever seen pictures of cute little red houses along the ocean? This picture is not just out of a children’s book. This is how Norwegian towns look like. 

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Countless options for Adventurous Activities

The untouched nature brings many adventurous outdoor enthusiasts to Norway each year; no wonder many come back yearly. There is so much to do and see up here. These are just a few ideas about activities you can include in your Norway elopement to make this day even more fun.

On the Water

Boat tour
Stand up paddling
Go on a fishing boat
Arctic Surfing

In the Mountains

Snowshoe tour
Via Ferrata

With Animals

Whale watching
Dog sledding
Bird watching
Reindeer sledding
Wildlife safari 

Can you get legally married during your Norway Elopement?

Yes, getting legally binding married in Norway is possible even if you are not a citizen. 
Although, this requires some paperwork and time to organize everything. 

You can find more information about what you need to get legally married in Norway on this site: https://www.skatteetaten.no/en/person/national-registry/marriage-and-cohabitation/marriage/getting-married-in-norway/two-foreign-citizens-intending-to-marry-in-norway/

We recommend to most couples who elope in Norway to do the paperwork back home and celebrate their Norway Elopement with a symbolic ceremony. This gives you the freedom to spend your elopement day just how and where you want.

Norway Elopement on the Lofoten Islands - Norway Wedding Photographer

Symbolic Ceremonies for your Norway Elopement

Symbolic wedding ceremonies are also known as commitment ceremonies. They give you total freedom to create a wedding ceremony exactly how you want it, where you want it, and where you do whatever you want.
You can do a handfasting ritual on the top of a mountain, read your vows to each other while you are on a little boat in the middle of a glacier lake, or dance to your favorite song under the northern lights. You can get creative and plan a special elopement ceremony for the two of you.

If you need some inspiration on what you could do at your symbolic elopement ceremony,
check this blog post full of ideas about what your wedding ceremony could look like and what rituals you can include in your Norway elopement.

Whether you choose to get legally married or do a symbolic ceremony, make sure this is a special moment for you. This will be one of the moments you want to remember for the rest of your life, and it should be exactly how you want it to be.

How to Elope in Norway

You plan an amazing Norway Elopement in a few easy steps.

1. Choose a Date

Before you can start to book all the vendors, accommodation, etc., it is good to know at least a general date when you want to elope.
Think about in what season you want to get married. Do you want to go skiing in winter, dance through the first blooming flowers in spring, hike to a mountaintop and see the midnight sun in summer, or walk through a colorful forest in autumn? Is there a date that has a special meaning for you two?

2. Book Your Norway Elopement Photographer

As soon as you know when you want to elope, the next step is to book your Norway Elopement Photographer
(we are already looking forward to your message)
On most elopement days, it is just the couple and the photographers. It is important that you can be yourself and feel comfortable when you are together so that your elopement photographer can capture you two and your special day how it was. With authentic photos, you can remember all the unique moments of your Norway Elopement again and again.
If you choose us as your elopement photographer, we will also guide you through the planning, help you find the perfect locations, give you recommendations for other vendors and create a timeline for you to ensure you will get the best possible photos of your day. We not only care about getting incredible images of your elopement day but also want to ensure you will have an unforgettable wedding experience.

If you plan an adventure elopement in Norway, there are more things than beautiful photos that you should consider when choosing your elopement photographer.
Do you want to say your vows on the top of a mountain, or ski down the slopes on your wedding day?
You will need a photographer who knows how to capture that and who can follow you on your adventures while simultaneously photographing them for you!

Do you dream of celebrating your wedding ceremony at a secluded location in the middle of nature?
Make sure to hire someone who knows the area well and can help you find the perfect spot for you two.

Hire not just a photographer but a Norway elopement expert who understands you and will do everything to make this day as amazing as possible.
Someone who shares your vision for your wedding day knows the location and can help guide you through the process.
If you want to learn how we can help make your elopement in Norway even more exciting, send us a message, and let us start to dream up your wedding day.

3. Dream up the best day of your life

The possibilities are endless if you choose to elope and ditch the traditions of a big wedding. You can spend a relaxed day strolling through blooming meadows, have fun while you ski down the slopes, or do something crazy like go skydiving and jump out of the plane and into this new chapter of your life.

With the decision to elope in Norway, choosing a date, and finding your elopement photography expert, you set the perfect foundation for your unforgettable elopement day. Now is the time to think about making this day as meaningful as possible, what activities you want to include, and what is most important for you as a couple. This can be anything from including little rituals like having breakfast together, skinny dipping in an ice-cold glacier lake to a helicopter flight over the impressive mountains and deep blue fjords. This is YOUR day, and you can fill it with whatever you want.

If you book us as your elopement photographers, we will send you a 100-page elopement guide with lots of information and inspiration on how you can create an unforgettable wedding experience. It covers anything from ceremony ideas to example timelines and suggestions for activities you can do all year round.

4. Choose a Location

When planning your Norway Elopement, one of the most important questions is where you want to celebrate this day. We love to help you here. We spend a lot of time searching for unique places, have seen so many locations during our road trips through all of Norway, and will do everything to find THE PERFECT spot for you to say I do. 

When you look for your elopement location, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind: 

  • How can you reach this place? Do you need to hike, take a boat, or can you simply drive to the location? 
  • Is it accessible during that time of the year you choose to elope? Some roads are closed in winter. The boat tours have off-seasons, and also the restaurants and hotels are often closed for a few months of the year, especially in the northern parts of Norway. 
  • How busy will that place be? If you want an intimate ceremony, it is sometimes better to go off the beaten track and avoid the famous places you may have seen all over Instagram. 
  • Is it a good starting place for all the activities you want to do on your wedding day? 

5. Book your accommodation and transportation to Norway

As soon as you know where you will elope, the next step will be to book your accommodations. Don’t wait too long to do so. In some places, there are limited possibilities for accommodation. And especially during high season, they can book up months in advance.

Norway offers a wide variety of accommodations that are a perfect base for your Norway Elopement. From historic fjord hotels and urban boutique hotels to camping, glamping, and remote mountain cabins, there is something for everyone.

04Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace


Norway is famous for camping and not just in the wild. Around 1000 campsites all around the country offer places for tents, motorhomes, and caravans and are a great place to look for affordable cabins too.

025 Engagement Photographer Lofoten Norway


Glass Igloos, Yurts, Sami lavvos & arctic domes are just a few of the luxurious glamping facilities you can find in Norway. Glamping, which means Glamour Camping, can be the perfect way to make your Elopement in Norway even more special. 

07Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace


From 5* luxury wellness resorts to boutique hotels over mountain lodges to historic fjord hotels, you can find a wide variety of hotels.

02 Norwegen 291

Cabins and cottages

here are countless cabins, cottages, and cabins all over the country. Most of them are in scenic locations and are the perfect accommodation if you want to enjoy the quietness of nature.

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Norwegian farms are often super idyllic and offer many nature-based activities and accommodations.

003 Norway Rorbuer Lofoten


These cute colorful fisherman houses are mostly found in northern Norway, especially on the Lofoten. You can find them in various standards, from simple cabins to luxury facilities with private hot tubs overlooking the fjord. 

6. Plan your Elopement Timeline

Now that you know where you will stay and what you want to do on your Elopement in Norway, you can plan all the details for your day.
From our experience, it is essential to write everything down and create a timeline to ensure you have enough time to take it all in and enjoy every moment of this experience. This is often the moment when you can imagine how your Norway elopement will feel and when all the visions come together.

Here are two example timelines for your Norway Elopement

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Example Timeline
2- day Midnightsun – Camping Elopement in Norway

Parts of Norway are above the polar circle, which means you have 24 hours of sunlight in the summer weeks. To see the sun slightly touching the horizon without setting is really special and gives you unique possibilities to create an extraordinary Norway Elopement experience.

Day 1
1:00 pm Get ready in a cute Rorbuer overlooking the fjord
2:30 pm Stroll through the picturesque village down to the harbor
3:30 pm Take a boat to a remote beach
4:30 pm Have a picnic at the beach while you listen to the crashing waves and the birds above you
6:00 pm Put your boots on and start to hike up to the mountain
Stop along the way to enjoy the views and take photos in different locations
10:00 pm Reach the summit
10:30 pm And get changed into your wedding outfits
11:00 pm first look
11:30 pm Take some photos in the slowly setting sun
1:00 am Have your elopement ceremony while the sun slightly touches the horizon in the middle of the night
2:00 am Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate this special moment
2:30 am And have your first dance on the mountaintop
3:00 am. Then set up your tent where you will sleep for a few hours before we make our way back down

Day 2
12:00 pm After you wake up and have a picnic, you will hike back down to the beach at 2:00 pm, where a fishing boat will pick you up
It brings you out to the ocean, where you can catch your dinner on your own
5:00 pm After that, the boat brings you back to the village
6:00 pm you arrive back in your Rorbuer Where a chef cooks your fresh caught fish 7:00 pm, and you can have a private candlelight dinner
8:00 pm End

NorthernLights Lofoten Norway

Example Timeline
Winter Elopement in Norway for Animal lovers

! Check before you plan your Winter elopement in Norway how long the days are where you plan to go at the date you plan to go! Above the polar circle, there are a few weeks without sunlight in winter.
This timeline would work in North Norway in mid-February.

7:00 am get ready in your hotel while it’s still dark outside
8:00 am, have a first look at the coast while the morning light starts to come in
8:30 am take some couple photos in the sunrise
9:30 go back inside the hotel to warm up and have breakfast
10:30 am do a dog sled tour
12:30 come back to the village where you warm up with hot tea and some snacks by the fire
14:00 make your way to one of the beaches
15:00 have your elopement ceremony on the empty beach surrounded by snow-covered mountains and the bright blue fjord
16:00 watch the sunset together while you warm your hands with hot tea and listen to your favorite song together
17:00 have a private candlelight dinner
19:00 meet up for a private horse riding tour in the dark where you can hopefully see the northern lights dancing above you
22:00 end this special day full of unforgettable experiences with a dance under the night sky. With some luck, the northern lights will accompany you

7. Book your Wedding Vendors

Every elopement is different, and so is the answer to which vendors you might need. 

Some things that will make this day super special are

  • A professional hair and make-up stylist who can make sure that your styling will look amazing all day long, even after a hike
  • A florist who will create a bouquet or a flower crown that is durable and will survive all day in nature.
  • A wedding officiant who creates the ceremony for you 
  • A private chef for your lunch dinner
  • A musician who makes your elopement ceremony even more unique
  • A guide who leads you on your adventure activities 
  • A wedding planner could do most of the planning for you and book other vendors.

These are just a few ideas; of course, everything is optional. 

Like at every other part of your elopement, there are no rules, and you can do whatever you want. It is possible to entirely DIY your elopement, but getting professional help can make things easier and less stressful. 

8. Pack everything you need


Don’t forget to bring all the necessary documents to your elopement in Norway. What you need to bring, depends on how you get married, where you are traveling from, and what you are doing — passports, driver’s licenses, confirmations for your flights, hotels, booked tours, etc.

Wedding Outfits

You may think of the obvious things like the dress and the suit,
but also make sure you pack the little things like hiking socks you want to wear for your elopement,
And details you might want to add to make this day even more special, like cute vow books, “just married signs” for your backpack, jewelry, etc.

And, of course, everything else you would pack for a trip to Norway.
We highly recommend good hiking boots, rain covers, and layers to keep you warm.

We recommend having a list with everything you need to ensure you don’t forget to pack anything.
And if you are flying, keep all the necessary documents and items you need in your hand luggage, so they cannot get lost.

9. Have the best day ever!

The day has finally come, and you are celebrating your elopement day! After planning your Norway Elopement, everything is well prepared, and you can fully enjoy every minute of this day and have the best wedding experience. As your elopement photographers, we will be there to capture all these special moments for you in photos so that you can remember them again and

048 adventure elopement wedding lofoten norway

Tips when you travel to Norway for your elopement:

  • Most international flights go to Oslo. From there, you can book a domestic airline that brings you closer to your destination all over Norway. 
  • Donˋt be afraid to take ferries. Many places in Norway require a ferry ride to get there. The ferry and boat network here is great and super easy to handle. 
  • Rent a car. You may want to go to a remote place in the middle of the night to watch the northern lights, get to a secluded beach, or in the middle of a Nationalpark. While it is possible to travel in Norway by public transport, your own car gives you so much more freedom. 
  • Plan enough time. Norway is huge, and there is so much to see around every corner. A week will make you feel like you don’t have enough time. It is also good to have an extra day or two in case the weather is completely crazy, and you need to reschedule some of the activities that you have planned.
  • This brings us to the next point. Be prepared for every weather. Especially in northern Norway, it rains a lot and can be pretty cold all year round. Bring waterproof clothes, shoes, and a rain cover for your backpack!

Where to Elope in Norway

16Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are one of our favorite places in Norway. The towering mountains that peak out of the turquoise blue fjord water are something you have to see with your own eyes. White sand beaches and cute colorful Rorbuer make the picturesque panorama perfect. Combine that with endless golden hours during the midnight sun or dancing northern lights in winter, and you get landscapes, that are pure magic.

24Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace

Lyngen Alps

If you are as fascinated by glaciers and bright blue glacier lakes as we are, check out the Lyngen Alps in northern Norway.
We personally recommend coming here in the fall. The orange color of the trees is a fantastic combination of the blue glacier water.

05Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace

Hardanger Fjord

The world’s third longest fjord, the southernmost glacier in Norway, the most spectacular waterfalls, magnificent mountains, lively small villages, national parks, and thousands of fruit trees – Hardanger Fjord is a paradise just one hour away from Bergen.
The region is full of contrasts and beautiful scenery. Some of the highlights in this area are the Trolltunga Rock, Vøringsfossen waterfall, and Folgefonna glacier.

22Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace


The steep mountains plunging straight into the ocean are a breathtaking sight and what the Island of Senja is most famous for.
In contrast with deep fiords, villages that cling to the narrow stripe between mountains and sea, idyllic islets, and skerries, Senja offers many stunning hiking trails that could be perfect for your Elopement in Norway.


Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord

The Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord are two of the world’s most beautiful and dramatic fjords. They are two of many branches of the 204-kilometer-long Sognefjord, the longest fjord in the world. There are steep mountains that rise from both sides of the narrow fjords and create a fascinating landscape in combination with the deep blue water. In 2005, the Nærøyfjord became a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage.

07 Norwegen 212


Vesterålen’s islands have everything from white sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages to jagged mountain peaks that rise straight out of the sea.
Thanks to the location close to the continental shelf, Vesterålen is Norway’s only year-round destination to see whales.
The 1,330 large and small islands in the north of Norway also offer great experiences on land. It is a hiking paradise in summer and is well known for snowshoeing and ski touring in the winter.
One of the most well-known villages in the Archipelago is Nyksund, where the historic Rorbuer is now filled with artists, galleries, museums, and quality restaurants.
Another breathtaking experience is seeing the glimmering Trollfjord mirror the surrounding mountain peaks.

026 Norway Lofoten Engagement Photos


Its magnificent mountains, valleys, glaciers, and emerald green lakes make Stryn the perfect place for everyone looking for the perfect location for an adventure elopement in Norway.
The Glacier Briksdalsbreen, a branch of the famous Jostedalsbreen glacier, is the main attraction around Stryn. The glacier’s peak is 1.900 meters above sea level, and the ice front reaches down to Briksdalsbrevatnet.
At Glacier Tystigbreen, you can find the best summer ski area in northern Europe.
Tall mountains, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, and lakes in deep green valleys are the very definition of Norway, and Stryn gives visitors a taste of everything Norway has to offer.

07 Norwegen 172

Jostaldsbreen Nationalpark

Almost half of the Jostedalsbreen National Park is covered by the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the largest glacier in mainland Europe.
The national park is famous for its wide variety of natural environments, all within a short distance, ranging from valleys with lush vegetation to bare mountains and glacier landscapes. A short hike in this area is like hiking from one season to another, which offers a wide variety of locations and makes this national park one of the best places to elope in Norway.

14Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace


An Elopement in Svalbard could be an unforgettable experience for the adventurers out there. This island up in the north offers a polar climate, unique animal wildlife, and wild nature.
Longyearbyen is an international city and the base for your arctic experiences in Svalbard. You can go on exciting trips by boat, kayak, snowmobile, dog sledding, hiking, or skiing.
To explore the raw wilderness outside the city border, you will need a professional guide who knows how to get through the arctic nature with its mighty polar bears.
“Svalbard” means “cold coasts.” However, the archipelago has a relatively mild climate compared to other areas at the same latitude. The constant midnight sun in the summer and the dark period during winter make for two entirely different experiences.

102 Norwegen August2022

Geiranger Fjord

The iconic Geirangerfjord is known for its spectacular waterfalls and deserted fjord farms high up on the steep cliffsides.
It is considered one of the most beautiful fjords in the world and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list together with the Nærøyfjord.
The fjord is 260 meters deep, while the surrounding mountains are 1600-1700 meters high. The idyllic nature and the dramatic mountains will not only impress you but are also an unbeatable location for your Norway Elopement!

08Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace

Jotunheimen Nationalpark

The Jotunheimen mountains are a massive mountain area in Eastern Norway, covering an area of roughly 3,500 square kilometers. Norway’s highest mountain Galdhøpiggen is located in the beautiful Jotunheimen Nationalpark. 

One of the most iconic views in Jotunheimen is from the Besseggen ridge hike, which would make a stunning Elopement location. 
Jotunheimen is ideal for many activities like cross-country and alpine skiing, cycling, and climbing. 
You can enjoy the experience of basically undisturbed nature and fresh air in this Nationalpark.

35Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace

Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella Nationalpark

This is the only place in Europe where you can meet Musk-Ox in the wild. To encounter these giant animals during a walk or on a safari is something super special. The Landscape of the Fjell is vast, with clear rivers, blue lakes, and lots of grass and bushes.

What is the best season for your Norway Elopement?

One of the most stunning things about Norway is how different this country looks every season and how fascinating the places are all year round!

Engagement Photos on the Lofoten Islands - Norway


The summer months in Norway are a dream if you enjoy hiking or climbing. The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless, and the days are never-ending. It is bright 24 hours a day in the northern parts above the polar circle. Watching the midnight sun slightly touching the horizon and then going up again without setting the hour-long golden light is a super special experience you need to see with your own eyes. You will find fields full of blooming wildflowers, and some days may even be warm enough to swim in the clear water at one of the white sand beaches.
Keep in mind that Norway is far north, and even in Summer, it can be chilly, and it rains a lot all year round.

norway elpement on the lofoten islands


In the northern regions, the leaves start to change their colors in August. The sun is setting again; from September, you can see the northern lights in the night sky if you are lucky. The orange colors, combined with the blue water of the lakes and fjords, are really special. The weather starts to get cooler and even more unpredictable in September, and there can even be the first snow falls on the mountains.

25Norway Landscape Photographer WildEmbrace


The days are short in winter, although January and February are the best months if you want to see the northern lights. Norway also has a lot to offer for all lovers of winter activities. Skiing, snowshoeing, husky sled rides, cross country skiing, free skiing, reindeer tours, winter fishing, and many more activities are perfect for making your Norway winter elopement even more fun.

114 Engagement Photographer Lofoten Norway


In southern Norway, everything begins to bloom around May. This month is still off-season, and you have most places to yourself so that it can be a great season for your Norway elopement.
If you go to a region more north, it can be good to wait until June to get spring feelings. The melting snow fills the rivers with lots of water, making spring one of the best times to see all the scenic waterfalls.

How much does an Elopement in Norway cost?

Every Element is different, and the same goes for the cost. 
It is possible to plan a fantastic budget-friendly Elopement for around 5.000 €
or you can splurge in luxury and plan something super extravagant, where you spend 50.000 € or more.

Here are some examples of what things are making a big difference in the budget of your Norway Elopement 

  • Activities – do you love the idea of a (free) sunrise hike or a private helicopter tour?
  • Vendors – do you want a professional hair and make-up artist or do the styling yourself? 
  • Food & Drinks – do you pack snacks for a simple picnic or hire a private chef for lunch?
  • Outfits – do you dream of a custom-tailored designer gown or try to find a vintage dress? 
  • Length of your Elopement – do you think 4 hours are enough, or do you want to plan a multi-day adventure? 
  • Accommodation – you can sleep in a tent or let yourself spoil in a luxury private Rorbuer?
  • Decoration – you can let a florist create a wedding arch, bouquet, flower crown, etc., or pick up some flowers along the way and make your bouquet.

It doesn’t mean that something is better just because it is expensive. Is there anything better than watching a sunrise or getting surprised by a rainbow? And what matters on that day are you two and your commitment to each other. 

We recommend thinking about what things on your Elopement day matter most to you. Do you love music and want to hire a violist that plays during your ceremony, buy your dream dress, or (what we cannot recommend enough) book your favorite photographer(s) – we are looking forward to your message.

It doesn’t matter where you spend money and where you save. As long as you have a great experience and a day full of love and connection between you two, we are sure your elopement will be super awesome and unforgettable. 

Norway Elopement under the midnightsun on the Lofoten Islands - Wild Embrace Lofoten Wedding Photographer

Norway Elopement Packages

Does your heart beat faster when you think about an Elopement in Norway?
We would love to help you make your wedding the best day ever, create a fantastic experience with you two,
and capture all these special moments in photos. Send us a message over our contact form to get all the information about our Norway Elopement Packages and to schedule a free consultation call to start dreaming up your personal elopement experience.

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