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Anniversary Wedding Photos in the Austrian Mountains

unique wedding photos in the Alps

Is there a better way to celebrate the 5th wedding anniversary than with a adventure wedding photos in the Austrian Alps! Let’s start wearing fancy clothes or even pull the wedding dress out of the closet and let our love be captured more often in beautiful and emotional photos.
I mean, imagine how awesome it has to be if you can pull a thick photo album out of the bookshelf when you are 60 years old and show, with a smile on your face, all the beautiful photos of your love story to your grandchildren. You can tell them all the unique stories your experience over the years together, not only in rough memory but even with soulful and emotional pictures of you two and the adventures you’ve been on. With photos, you have the opportunity to capture unique moments forever. Is that not the greatest thing ever?
Isn’t it beautiful when you look at a photo after years and remember what you felt in the moment, how happy you were in the arms of your loved one and how beautiful the sunset was that evening? Such pictures are treasures that accompany you throughout your life and give your children and grandchildren in many years a little insight into your life.

Ursula and Jamal wanted to slip into their wedding attire again for their fifth wedding anniversary. We planned to take wedding photos in the Austrian Alps  in the same mountains as they did their bridal portraits five years ago. The early snow and an “accident” with the wedding dress have changed the plans a bit. But in the end, we did the photo session at a very special place in the Austrian mountains, and Ursula wore a brand new wedding dress. The sunset this evening was beyond beautiful. The sky shone in such bright colors that some people asked me if I photoshopped them. The sunset colors were just that beautiful, as you can see on the anniversary photos, and the snow on the mountains, which let us change our plans last minute, just made the scenery perfect.

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