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Honeymoon Wedding Photos in Iceland

Two years ago, Anjuli & Johannes spent their vacation in Iceland together and fell head over heels in love with this versatile country. They thought it would be the perfect place for wedding photos in Iceland, with its many waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes, the wild sea, and the cold wind. When they started planning their wedding, it was clear that they would most like to pack all their friends and relatives into a big suitcase and elope in Iceland. Unfortunately, the whole thing was a bit complicated to organize, so they decided on a wedding at home in Germany. But the thought of wedding photos in Iceland did not let the two go. And so they came up with the idea of ​ taking their wedding outfit to the honeymoon and doing the wedding photos in Iceland during their honeymoon.
Iceland has been on my bucket list for so long, and as soon as they told me that they want me to bring along, I was dancing around in my living room and booked my flight immediately.

Wedding Photos in Iceland

The two wanted to start their shoot at Jökulsarlon, a large glacier lagoon. We met early in the morning, as long as most tourists still sleep in the hotel room and use the silence and the beautiful morning light to take pictures in this impressive setting. Johannes and Anjuli were brave, and we spent the whole day looking for the most beautiful photo spots. Not even the rain or the chilly wind let us stop. Impressive waterfalls, vast mossy lava fields, the black sand beach of Vik, and blooming lupine fields made an excellent backdrop for their wedding photos in Iceland. Pictures like this are such a beautiful memory of your honeymoon and will let you remind this special time of your life forever.

If you are also planning on flying to some mega awesome place after your wedding and would like to get beautiful portraits in the breathtaking landscape, or even bring your bridal outfit and use the opportunity for some really epic wedding photos.
Send me a message. I’d love to come with you and help you plan an incredible adventure, to take the most epic pictures that let you remember your Honeymoon for the rest of your life.
Wherever your dream vacation maybe, on a glacier in Alaska, the beach in Mauritius, Thailand, or Hawaii, or on a Volcano in New Zealand, I’m happy to jump into the next plain to capture your love story.

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