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Pre Wedding Photos at Seealpsee

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The idyllic mountain lake Seealpsee, nestled in the Swiss Alps, had long been on our list of places where we wanted to capture special wedding photos. When Noemi and Carlo contacted us and expressed their desire not only for photos of their outdoor ceremony in the vineyards in Switzerland but also for  pre wedding photos at Seealpsee, we were immediately thrilled. The couple not only shares their love for each other but also for nature and the mountains of their homeland in Switzerland, making the wedding photos at Seealpsee even more special for them. 

Knowing that the mountains surrounding the lake are often illuminated in a rosy alpenglow in the morning, creating an especially impressive backdrop, we planned the pre wedding photos at Seealpsee during sunrise. Early in the morning, while most people were still in bed, we met at the shores of the clear alpine lake and were rewarded with a breathtaking sunrise for our early wake-up call.

On one side of the lake, the mountains were bathed in the first rays of sunlight, while looking towards the valley, we could observe the golden sunrise. The calm water of the lake reflected the fairytale panorama, creating an impressive backdrop for the wedding photos at Seealpsee.

Discover everything you need to know for dreamy wedding photos at Seealpsee in Switzerland in this blog post.

Seealpsee – A Gem in the Swiss Alps

Seealpsee is one of the most well-known destinations in Appenzell, Switzerland. Nestled between the striking peaks of the Alpstein range, the mountain lake offers an idyllic setting straight out of a storybook. Although the location is only accessible by hiking or biking, it attracts many people each year who wish to witness the postcard-worthy view with their own eyes. This picturesque environment is perfect for wedding photos and provides an impressive backdrop for couples who want to celebrate their love amidst this natural beauty

Getting to Seealpsee – Only on Foot or by Bike

The shortest hike to Seealpsee begins at the parking lot in Wasserauen, from which a well-marked trail guides visitors. The easiest route follows a gravel road, making it relatively easy to navigate despite being steep in some places, and after about 1 hour, you reach the lakeshore. As an alternative, a picturesque forest path leads to the lake. The well-developed hiking network in Appenzell also offers the opportunity to combine a visit to Seealpsee with other attractions such as Aescher Wildkirchli or the view from Hohen Kasten. Whether you reach the lake directly in an hour or plan a multi-day hike over the Alpstein, every mountain lover will find a rewarding trek.

The Best Time for Magical Pre Wedding Photos at Seealpsee

The magic of Seealpsee unfolds especially in the early morning or evening hours. The golden light of the rising or setting sun creates a special atmosphere, perfect for wedding photos. In the morning, the mountain peaks glow in alpenglow, while the sunrise makes the water shimmer. The calm water surface perfectly reflects the breathtaking mountain panorama on windless days. Choosing the morning hours also minimizes the presence of other tourists, allowing the couple to enjoy the dreamy backdrop for their wedding photos at Seealpsee in peace.

The Best Season for Wedding Photos at Seealpsee

Seealpsee reveals its beauty throughout the year. In summer, alpine flowers bloom, and the mountain meadows surround the shore in rich green. In autumn, the trees transform into a play of orange and gold, while in winter, the lake is covered with snow, creating a completely different but equally fascinating atmosphere. To enjoy the renowned view of the clear mountain lake, as seen in postcards and social media posts, we recommend the period between June and November for your visit to Seealpsee.

Accommodations at Seealpsee

For couples who want to experience the sunrise at Seealpsee, staying at one of the guest houses on the lakeshore is a great option. The guest houses Forelle and Seealpsee not only offer dining options but also rooms that provide a relaxing stay amidst the special landscape of Alpstein.

Seealpsee in the Swiss Alps provides an ideal setting for romantic wedding photos, surrounded by the breathtaking nature of Alpstein. If you too want special wedding photos in an impressive landscape, perhaps even at Seealpsee, write us a message. We look forward to capturing your love amidst the dreamy backdrop of nature in photos.

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