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Camping Roadtrip in Iceland

Iceland has been on top of my bucket list for so long when I saw Anjulis’s message that they would like to book me for their wedding photos in Iceland. I was so happy and started immediately to plan my roadtrip in Iceland. I love to be very flexible and decide spontaneously during the journey I want to stay, so I rented a car to explore the country with its many waterfalls and volcanoes by a camping road trip.

I had already seen thousands of pictures of the Icelandic landscape, and when I arrived in Reykjavik late at night, I was so curious to see it all with my own eyes that I started right away. Before midnight, I saw a waterfall in the distance, to which I wanted to go. Although Iceland is always bright in the summer, no one was around at this time, and I could explore this special place all alone. The unique thing about the Seljalandsfoss is that you can walk behind the waterfall. The feeling of spray on the face and the water rushing down only a few meters in front of you is indescribable. Right next to the Seljalandsfoss was also a small campsite where I pitched my tent. It rained all night and was much colder than I expected, by about 5 ° Celsius in the tent. I was glad to have packed warm clothes.

As soon as the first tourists arrived, I started to drive further, and when it stopped raining, I went for a hike on a hill beside the coast, as far as I could see the landscape was covered with blooming lupine fields.

As soon as the first tourists arrived, I started to drive further, and when it stopped raining, I went for a hike on a hill beside the coast, as far as I could see the landscape was covered with blooming lupine fields.

In the south of Iceland, you can see an impressive spot every two minutes. After each turn, a new waterfall comes to light, and I could hardly decide where to stop.

As the lupine fields slowly turned into vast moss-covered lava fields, I arrived soon at one of my next highlights, the Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. Unfortunately, too many tourists were careless, and meanwhile, you can only walk along a narrow fenced path of the gorge. Yet, this landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, the crystal clear water that meanders along the uniquely shaped canyon and the lush, warm green of the moss that covers the rocks you have to see with your own eyes.

As I drove on, I gradually came to the first glacier tongues. The weather was getting clear and sunny so that you could see the mountain peaks and the impressive ice masses to their full extent. My last stop for this long and exciting day was the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón. Here should also start our photoshoot the next morning. The photos I made the next day with Anjuli & Johannes you can see in this Blogpost

After these two packed days, I headed for “Golden Circle,” which is probably the most famous Iceland trip. Along the way, I could explore geysers, the Gullfoss waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park. Here I opened my tent for the night. It was super windy, but the next day was bright blue sky, and early in the morning, I could see the beautiful National Park in which two continental plates collide all for myself before all the tourists arrived.

Then I drove to the peninsula Reykjanesviti where I already wanted to look at some locations for the next two photo shoots.

I continued the journey along the Whalefjord, where I hiked to Glymur, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. This hike was one of the highlights of this trip. The path leads through beautiful blooming lupine fields, which gives off a beautiful backdrop with the snow-capped mountains. It goes through a small cave to a river, where it should be possible to walk over a tree log over to the other side. Still, there was so much meltwater at the moment that the temporary bridge did not even reach halfway, and I waded barefoot through the ankle-deep ice water. After that part, every few meters, a new great view came into my sight, mossy rocks surround the waterfall, and on the other side, you can see all over the Whalefjord. It is simply breathtaking. The closer I got to the waterfall, the more birds scurried around the gorge. The view of the Glymur reminded me more of the jungle than cold Iceland.
I had read that there is a circular path and you come over the other side’s waterfall. What I have read over is that you have to walk through the meter deep glacier water again. That cost me a lot of effort, but then I was able to marvel at the incredible landscape from the other side as well.

The next days I spent on the peninsula Snæfellsnes. There were lots of birds, dunes, the famous Kirkjufell mountain and of course waterfalls. On one beach, I could even watch seals.

On my last day, I explored some corners of the peninsula.
I was allowed to photograph two couples again, the photos of the Elopement photos in Iceland and the couple shooting in Reykjanesviti you can see in these two blog posts.

Epic Elopement photos in Iceland

Couple shoot in Reykjanesviti

Roadtrip in Iceland

All in all, I am exceptionally fascinated and impressed by Iceland and can not wait to come back here. Hopefully, in the winter to see the Northern Lights. 

So if you would like to get married in Iceland or want to have beautiful couple photos in front of one of the roaring waterfalls, on a glacier or the black sand beach, write to me. I am looking forward to planning an adventure together with you in Iceland.

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