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Adventurous Iceland Couple Photoshoot

While I was planning my trip to Iceland, I got to know Vanessa & Stefan via Facebook. The two of them happened to be on the stunning island high in the north of Europe at the same time as me. Of course, we wanted to use this opportunity for an adventurous Iceland couple photoshoot in the fascinating nature of Iceland. On the last day before I had to fly home, we met on the peninsula Reykjanesviti.

Epic Location for the Iceland Couple Photoshoot

Steep cliffs, black rocks, and crashing waves awaited us on the cold and stormy day.
The wind blew through our hair, and soon we felt all so cold. This unpredictable weather is part of Iceland and has made the photo session authentic and real. With the couple photos, the two got some lovely memories about their first trip to Iceland.

If you want to see more photos of my trip to Iceland, take a look at the blog entry from the honeymoon wedding photos in the south of Iceland, the elopement on the thundering sea of ​​Iceland, or my tour through Iceland.

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