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Couple Photos in Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg

Engagement Photographer Bregenzerwald Austria

The meadows are in full bloom, a sweet smell is in the air, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is enjoyable warm – we are looking forward to these early summer days in Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg every year.

On a Sunday morning before sunrise at this particular time of the year, we met Gebhard and Dulce. At dawn, we drove together to the first photo location of the day. The sun was hiding behind some clouds, but the soft light and the light pink colored clouds were perfect for the romantic couple photos in the blooming flower field anyway.
The early morning hours have a special magic. When it starts to get bright, the first sunrays are shining behind the mountains’ peaks, the birds begin to sing again, and nature awakes bit by bit.
We know it is always a bit of an effort to do a sunrise photo session, but we are so happy every time a couple tells us that they have no problem starting that early. It is not just the beautiful light; another great benefit of waking up early in the morning is that you have usually even popular places all to yourself.
That morning, while most others were still cuddling in the bed, we already had a fun photo session in the blooming flower fields. Gebhard and Dulce were super carefree and cheerful so that we could create great photos together. We wanted to make sure that they don’t get cold, so we let them move a lot. We run, walked, and danced through the landscape and captured those special moments for them in beautiful photos.

After the fun photo session, we had breakfast together and got ready for the second location.

A few days earlier, we discovered a beautiful field full of wild garlic in the middle of a forest. When we saw this fascinating place, we could immediately imagine how amazing a couple or wedding photos would look in the middle of all the white flowers. Luckily Gebhard and Dulce were spontaneous, and we could realize this idea just a few days later. Nature showed its most beautiful side that morning. Even the sun was sparkling through the lush green leaves and made the fairytale-like scenery perfect.

Dulce and Gebhard did a fantastic job. They climbed through the forest in their lovely outfits, sat on mossy stones, and in the middle of the wild garlic. I am sure we all smelled like wild garlic for the next few days, but this little adventure was worth the effort.

The last location of the day was one of our favorite places in the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg. It is super easy to reach these waterfalls, although you barely meet someone else here and have this place usually all to yourself – the perfect spot for romantic couple photos in this impressive landscape. Waterfalls are always beautiful, and they have their very own magic.

We went to this place on the day before to check out how much water there is and test where we could get without getting wet. We found some pretty sport for the couple, which was easy to get there, but we didn’t think that we as photographers would have to stand in the middle of the river to get the best perspective for the photo. It must have been a hilarious picture, Gebhard and Dulce sitting on mossy stones in their fancy outfits and us standing hip-deep in the cold water taking photos of them. I think getting wet was worth it for these pictures of them.

When the couples are in the mood for a little adventure during their photo session, we are always happy. When we choose the locations, we look for accessible places to reach and move around without getting dirty or wet. But often, we have some spontaneous ideas during the photo session. Of course, it is the couple’s decision, what they want to do, and when they say no. We knew from the beginning that there is one place at this location by the waterfall, which would look fantastic for photos, but it was not easy to get there without getting wet. We already had many great images and let Gebhard and Dulce decide if they want to end the photo session with a little adventure or if it was enough. They said they were in, and although the water was still pretty cold, they didn’t care to get their feet wet. The last pictures were the perfect ending to this fun photo session in Vorarlberg.

When doing a couple sessions, it is all about the two of you. We want to capture the emotions between us and make your love visible in photos to remember these special moments again and again. 

Although pictures like this can be made everywhere, the perfect location is super important to make the photos even more special and personal. We specialize in couple and wedding photos that show you in the middle of fascinating landscapes. 

We love to explore new places, and wherever we are, we are always looking for the most beautiful places to take wedding photos, think about the landscape, and for which couple it would fit best, about the perfect day time and season of the year. Wich outfit would stand out best in the colors of nature. We have a long list of amazing locations for couples, weddings, and elopement photos. 

If you want to have unique couple photos in nature, send us a message, we can’t wait to create beautiful pictures with you!

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