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Romantic Couple Photos in Morocco

Engagement Photos in the Desert of Morocco

We had been sitting in the car for hours and could hardly wait to finally arrive at our Riad in Merzouga at the beginning of the Sahara desert when I saw this beautiful evening light outside. Although we were all tired, which meant we would not arrive in our riad until it was dark, we just had to stop for some engagement couple photos in Morocco.

Sunset Couple Photos in Morocco

As soon as the sun was shining in our faces, we were fully motivated and could enjoy the last sun rays of the day. Such spontaneous, unplanned photo sessions are often the best when you do not worry and have fun together.

The African desert landscape in Morocco made the perfect location for engagement photos. Golden sunlight, palm trees, and some mountains in the distance, it could not have been more beautiful…

Also check out the wedding photos in the Sahara Desert in Marocco, we made the next day. We rode for two hours on camels through the sand dunes, so we came to this special place from where we could watch the rising sun behind the sand dunes.

You can see the photos in this Blogpost.

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